Revised Design of New Development Supplementary Planning Document (Design SPD)

The Revised Design SPD is an important document within the emerging new Local Plan, providing clarity on several adopted Core Strategy policies as well as ‘saved’ policies in the existing Local Plan (adopted 1997, with alterations 2001). It sets out the detailed approach for the design of new development in the Borough; its buildings, public and private spaces. It sets out how the location, form and type of all new development in Darlington should be considered through the design process to help achieve a high quality, distinctive, safe and sustainable, built and natural environment.

The Design SPD is a material consideration when the Council considers development proposals and planning applications. The current version, adopted in July 2011, replaces the original version, adopted in July 2009.

Design of New Development Supplementary Planning Document [pdf document, 3mb]

The Revised Design SPD is available in hardcopy for £20 including p&p.

Supporting documents

The revisions to the 2009 Design SPD were limited in their nature, extent and effect. As a result, the assessment work listed above remains valid.

Darlington Characterisation Study

High quality design in new development should reflect the best of Darlington’s urban and rural buildings, townscapes and landscapes to help reflect Darlington’s character and local distinctiveness.

The Darlington Characterisation Study [pdf document, 1.3mb] identifies and describes positive features of Darlington’s existing built environment to create broad character zones across the Borough.

The Study is a good starting point to help make sure the design of new development contributes positively to the character of the Borough.





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