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Permitted Development – Larger Single Storey Rear Extensions – Update 25 May 2019

Legislation came into force on 25th May 2019 which permanently extends the right for larger single storey rear extensions to be built under permitted development.

Previously such extensions which were deemed to be permitted development had to be completed by 30th May 2019. The legislation removes the date by which the larger extension must be completed, thereby making the right permanent. This also applies to those with prior approval who no longer have to complete the development by 30th May 2019, including where this is set out in a letter granting prior approval. Applicants are no longer required to notify the local planning authority that the development is complete.

Any such proposals will still be subject to the associated neighbour consultation scheme and this requires that the relevant Local Planning Authority is informed of the proposed work via a prior approval application.

For all such applications received from 19th August onwards there will be a fee of £96.

Planning application fees

Below is a link to the current schedule of fees:

Further information

We are no longer able to provide Site Location Plans, however further information can be found on our site location plan page.

All plans and drawings submitted in support of a planning application MUST indicate a title of the drawing, a drawing number; paper size (preferably A3); key dimensions; and a scale bar indicating a minimum of 0-10 meters.

In the absence of this information applications will not be validated. In future the Council will issue decision notices to grant planning permission in accordance with drawings/plans and reference number identifier. Plans will no longer be stamped and returned to an applicant/agent.

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