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Commenting on a planning application

How to submit your comments

  • Online via the Public Access portal
  • by email: [email protected]
  • by writing to us: Planning Enquiries, Development Management, Town Hall, Darlington, DL1 5QT
  • Delivering them by hand to the Customer Service Centre at the Town Hall, Darlington.

You must include the application reference number, site address and your full name and address

All comments (including objections) received will be taken into account when considering an application.

If you wish to comment on more than one application, send a separate letter or email for each.

Time Limits

We leave a minimum of 21 days before determining an application. This allows time for comments to be submitted. See publicity and consultations.

The comments we receive cannot be confidential

Comments on planning applications are not confidential because they are a part of the application

In order for us to register your comments, you will need to provide your full name and postal address.

The applications are published online or read out at the Planning Applications Committee

You should only comment what you are happy for anyone to read.

Objections or supporting comments on applications must be impersonal and you should concentrate on the planning issues relevant to the proposal.

The Council reserves the right to remove comments that are libellous or abusive.

To avoid problems we recommend that you

  • do not mention other people, concentrate on the proposal instead
  • do not suggest that anything another person has said is untrue

We will remove or obscure personal data. This includes your signature, telephone number or email address.

Your name and postal address will be visible.

We do not send out acknowledgements in response to comments received.

Comments can support, object or represent the proposal. Remember that it is often possible for a proposal to be modified to take into account your concerns.

It may be helpful to make any suggestions that would overcome your concerns.

We can only take into account material considerations for determining a planning application. This will always be a matter of judgement, but some things are never relevant, for example

  • the morals or motives of the applicant or any others
  • impact on property values
  • issues relating to ownership, boundaries, fence lines and party walls
  • property maintenance
  • loss of private views
  • commercial competition
  • conflict with other laws such as Licensing or Health and Safety

Some of these may prevent the application from carrying out the development, but they are not planning issues. These can be from ownership disputes or licensing laws.

The fastest way to have your comments processed and published is to use the Public Access system.

Using this you should normally see your comments posted within the next day. Any comments received through email or post will need up to five working days to process and publish.

Your comments will no longer be published on Public Access after an application is decided.

How to keep up to date

If the application is amended we may notify neighbours and allow time for further comments.

By registering on Public Access you can follow or track any application and see any decisions made.

If you have submitted comments on an application, the decision will be viewable on Public Access. 

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