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Making a planning application online

Many applicants prefer to submit their application online. You will only have to enter information once and there is no need to print information out. You can also buy any relevant maps.

Apply online

Planning portal

Points to note

  • We are no longer able to print plans at A0 size. So make sure your plans are no larger than A1 size. If you wish to submit a plan at A0 size then please supply paper copies.
  • Online application submission is not a “fast track” service. All applications are treated equally and processed under the same set of rules.
  • Your application will not progress beyond the validation stage until all the different components have been sent. These will then be checked. See our validating you application page for more details.
  • Any problems with the online submission process should be reported to the planning portal.

Applying using two different methods

It is possible to submit your application in two or more parts by different methods.

You will need to make sure that you provide enough information with each set of items you submit.

We will then be able to match together the separate items when we receive them.

We describe the various options for each part of an application below.

There is also some basic information that will help you decide which methods to choose. Not all applications need all these items.


  • You can submit an application online using the Planning Portal [external link].
  • If you prefer to fill in a paper form then you can get copies from our office. Or you can download them and print them out yourself from our application forms page.
  • The forms are also downloadable from the Planning Portal forms page. The questions on the forms are identical for all Local Planning Authorities in England.

Site location plan

  • Paper copies of maps can be obtained from any authorized map supplier.
  • Ordnance Survey maps are available to buy online too. See obtaining maps.
  • The Planning portal’s online form includes a space to purchase an OS map. You can draw the site on the screen. It is then accordingly included as part of your application.

Please note that Ordnance Survey based maps are subject to copyright. Illegal copies of maps should not be used with a planning application.

Plans and drawings, reports, photos and other documentation

We are no longer able to print plans at A0 size. If you are submitting an application online please make sure plans are no bigger than A1 size. If you wish to submit a plan at A0 size please supply paper copies.

If supplying paper copies several copies of each item will be required. This is dependent on the type of application. These can be sent by mail or delivered by hand.

Files in electronic format can be uploaded through the Planning Portal’s online application system.

In some cases we will allow you to email files to us. If you need to supply them this way please check with us beforehand. Files can also be supplied to us on CD.