The enforcement team deals with a wide range of environmental issues across Darlington, seven days a week.

Abandoned vehicles

If you want to report an abandoned vehicle, contact customer services on 01325 405 111, option 5 or email customerservices@darlington.gov.uk. Please have the following details to hand if possible:

  • the make, type and colour of the vehicle and the registration number
  • the location and how long you think the vehicle has been there
  • the condition of the vehicle (for example: broken windows, flat tyres)
  • whether or not there is a tax disc and, if so the expiry date

If the vehicle has a 'Police Aware' sticker on it, but it has been there for a long time please contact us.

What to do if a vehicle is causing an obstruction.

If your car has been moved you should contact customer services on 01325 405 111, option 5 and the Police on 101 to see if it has been picked up. You can get the vehicle back providing it has not already been destroyed, but only if you pay the charges and provide evidence that you are the owner.

We work closely with the Police to check if abandoned vehicles have been stolen, but if your stolen vehicle has been removed by us then the charges will normally be paid by your insurance company as long as you have notified the Police and the insurance company of the theft.

Trade waste

The team regularly patrol commercial premises to ensure that trade waste is kept safe, stored appropriately and disposed of properly. 

Dog Fouling

More information about dog fouling.

Report it to customer services on 01325 405111.

Fly posting

Fly posting is the placing of posters and placards on buildings and street furniture without lawful authority. The enforcement officers investigate and remove fly posters throughout the Borough.

Fly tipping and litter


If your front street or back lane is littered or requires sweeping please contact us at streetscene@darlington.gov.uk or contact customer services on 01325 405111. Out of hours you can all 07966 347101 to report anything which poses an immediate danger.

We issue fines of £75 for people who litter.

Fly tipping

You can report fly tipping on streetscene@darlington.gov.uk.

Fly tipping can attract a maximum fine of £50,000 and or imprisonment up to 5 years. We will also actively seek to take any vehicles involved in fly tipping and get the offender disqualified from driving.

Private fly tipping is investigated by environmental health. To report it please contact 01325 405111, option 5 or customerservices@darlington.gov.uk


Graffiti is often difficult and costly for councils to clean. Its removal can be very labour intensive and in many cases requires specialist machinery and materials to ensure that an area is completely cleared. 

Report it to customer services on 01325 405111.


If needles are contaminated with human blood or other body fluids then they may be a source of blood borne viruses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. The transmissions of these from a needle stick injury are rare, however it should be assumed that all used hypodermics could be contaminated.

If the needles are found on the street, back lane or open space there is not a charge for removal. If you find a hypodermic needle do not touch it, note its location and contact us immediately at streetscene@darlington.gov.uk or on 01325 405111, option 5. If it is out of office hours please call 07966 347101 and leave a message.

If the needles are in/on commercial premises such as a shop or restaurant, there is a charge to collect them, please contact Customer Services for details on 01325 405111.

We do not remove needles from domestic properties, but there are several services available online who will be able to help.

Never touch a needle with your bare hands!

Nuisance vehicles

Vehicles riding off-road

If you spot vehicles riding off-road and causing a nuisance, please contact the police in the first instance on 101. The enforcement team work with the police to combat this offence and help trace the offenders.

Vehicles being repaired/for sale at the roadside

Vehicles constantly being repaired at the roadside can cause an obstruction and also have negative effects on the environment.

Untaxed vehicles

The enforcement team have the powers to seize any vehicles that are untaxed on public roads. Untaxed vehicles are dealt with by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Report an untaxed vehicle online [external link].

Waste interference

This refers to people going through other peoples waste in order to obtain details to commit identity fraud or to find goods of value.

Not only is this a criminal offence but it also causes waste to be spilled out into the back lanes and streets. The team patrol out of hours to combat this problem.

Waste being transported by motor vehicles

Waste carriers must hold a licence to state they can legally carry a particular type of waste to ensure that waste is disposed of correctly. Householders must ensure waste carriers are registered to carry their waste, failure to do so could result in a fine.

If you would like to report an environmental issue to us please contact 01325 405 111, option 5 or streetscene@darlington.gov.uk.