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September saw the continuation of our successful Neighbourhood Drop in Sessions with our first event at Ted Fletcher Court on Monday 12th October.

At the meeting important topics such as Parking, Decoration of Communal Areas and CCTV were all discussed. But we are not stopping there.

Events at Dinsdale Court , Rockwell House, Park Place and Heighington have all been organised for October so keep your eyes peeled to the Housing Facebook page [external link] for more details.

In September we answered some of your most frequently asked questions about our Tees Valley Homefinder service.

Over the 5 days we answered queries regarding topics including.

  • Banding
  • Vacating the property
  • Applications

as well as providing basic information about the website.

If you have any further questions visit the Tees Valley Homefinder website [external link], or email [email protected]

In September we showcased our zero tolerance policy towards Anti Social Behaviour in council properties. On Friday 16th September an Anti-Social Behaviour Closure Order was granted for a nuisance property which followed a Possession Order which was awarded on the 6th September.

Both were the result of neighbours being subjected to various forms of Anti-Behaviour and reinforces the terms and conditions of our new tenancy agreement that we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour in our Council properties.

Visit our anti-social behaviour website for more information.

Earlier this month we launched a campaign to test your smoke alarms and keeping you safe in your home.

Tenants have a responsibility to test their smoke alarms regularly, so we’d like to remind you and ask you to test your smoke alarms and CO detector now. To do this there will be a test push button on the alarm, which you will need to press until you hear a high pitched alarm sound.

Smoke alarms are generally located in hallways and landings and sometimes in your main living area. Houses will have a minimum of 2 alarms and flats will have a minimum of 1.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors will be located on a wall close to your boiler.

If you need to report any missing or faulty alarms, please contact us, so that we can arrange to have those replaced as a priority. You can do this by email including your address and up to date contact number to [email protected]

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