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Tenant Satisfaction Measures 2023/24

The Regulator of Social Housing introduced Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) on 1st April 2023.

In September 2023 we carried out our first TSMs surveys, speaking to over 800 of our tenants over the course of a two week period.  You can read more about how we collected the TSM data and what questions we used in the 2023-24 Supporting Document [pdf document].

The aim of the TSMs is to hold all social housing providers to account for their actions. We need to know what we are doing right, what we are getting wrong, where we can improve and to give the public greater visibility of our performance.

To gather the information relating to the TSMs we are required to ask a proportion of our tenants some set questions on a yearly basis with the next TSMs occurring in late 2024.  These surveys are an important tool to ensure social housing is of a decent standard across the country.

Our survey results are now available in the Housing Connect magazine which went out to all tenants in May 2024. You can see our management results here [pdf document].

There are 22 measure in total and all social housing providers must report on them.

The measures are split into two parts:

  • 10 performance measures that we will collect through management performance information.
  • 12 customer perception survey measures that will be collected through surveying customers directly.

Results from every housing provider will be visible online for the public to view, compare and question.

The TSMs cover the following key areas:

  • Overall satisfaction  
  • Keeping properties in good order 
  • Building safety 
  • Safety checks 
  • Respectful and helpful engagement  
  • Effective handling of complaints/anti-social behaviour 
  • Responsible neighbourhood management 

BMG will be contacting a random selection of our tenants by telephone and by email. BMG will call tenants using 01212601014 when conducting the Tenant Satisfaction Measures.

If you are contacted by BMG we encourage you to take part in the survey, we really want to hear from you on issues such as completing repairs, keeping your homes safe and engaging with you.

BMG Research [external link] is a leading independent provider of market research services to the UK public and social sectors. They will work in partnership with our team to deliver market research and surveys with one of their goals being to positively impact society.

Over the course of the last 12 months, we have worked closely with BMG to ensure that the Tenant Satisfaction Measures run smoothly and that they provide our tenants with a professional service.

For more information about BMG visit: BMG Research[external link]

In preparation for the 2024/25 Tenant Satisfaction Measures, we need the most up-to-date contact information from you. This will include updated phone numbers and email addresses. If these change before September 2024 you can update these through Darlington Home Online, by emailing us at [email protected],or by calling us on 01325 405333.

Please visit the Tenant Satisfaction Measures website [external link] if you would like more information.

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