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Highway infrastructure asset management

Highway infrastructure asset management is an approach that identifies the best way to allocate of resources for highways. This includes the;

  • management,
  • operation,
  • preservation
  • and enhancement of the highway infrastructure.

Asset management policy

The asset management policy is a short document that describes the principles used by the authority to achieve our objectives.

Highway infrastructure asset management policy (HIAMP) [pdf document].

Asset management strategy

The asset management strategy is a clear and concise high level document setting out how highway infrastructure asset management is delivered for the authority to meet its long term corporate goals and objectives.

Highway infrastructure asset management strategy (HIAMS) [pdf document].

It is envisaged that by adopting the HIAMP & HIAMS will ensure we maintain highway assets in the most cost efficient manner. Whilst also maximising future highway maintenance funding opportunities from central government.

The resilient network

The resilient network is made up of routes in the Borough that are considered essential for economic activity and for vital services in the event of extreme weather events, major incidents and other disruption. We treat these roads as a priority in the event of any such incidents, and focus our resources on keeping them available for use.

During extreme weather we focus our resources on gritting the Borough roads

For all other disruptive events (not just severe winter weather) we have developed the Resilient Network. The plan of the current version of the Resilient Network can be found below:

The resilient network map [pdf document]

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