Vehicle accesses (dropped kerb)

How do I get a vehicle access (dropped kerb) at my property?

A vehicle access (also known as dropped kerb, pavement/verge crossing) is required when you want to take a vehicle across the verge or footpath to access your property.

We can do the work on your behalf or you can use your own contractor. Please note you may need planning permission if your road is a classified road.

If you would like us to complete the work, a fee of £25 will be payable for an estimate which will be deducted from the final cost. We will arrange for a site meeting to agree the location of the proposed access and provide an estimate for the costs of the work. This must be paid in full before we start.

If you would like your own contractor to do the work, your contractor must carry out the works to our specification, have £5,000,000 worth of public liability insurance and sign and guard the works to national requirements. They will need to obtain a licence from us before any work takes place at a cost of £100. 

In either case you will need to contact us on 01325 405222 or

What will it cost to construct a vehicle crossing?

Unfortunately each access will be unique so there is no average price; it will be dependant on many factors.

If you do the work on my behalf, how long will it take?

It could take anything up to four months. This is because we have to contact all of the public utility companies to check that there is no underground apparatus where the works are. 

Vehicle accesses at Council properties

If you live in a council property you will need to write a letter to Housing. Our budget is £2,000 for each request. If the quote is higher we will give you the option to pay the difference, if you do not wish to do this the request will be cancelled.

The cost for a pavement crossing or hardstanding is £1.98 each. The charge(s) will be added to your rent account and will be a permanent charge not covered by housing benefits.

Classified roads

  • Ann's Terrace (C55)
  • Beaumont Hill (A167)
  • Bondgate (part) (A68)
  • Bonomi Way (C88)
  • Bridge Road (A66)
  • Brinkburn Road (C55)
  • Burtree Lane (C40a)
  • Carmel Road North (B6280)
  • Carmel Road South (A67)
  • Coatsay Moor Lane (A6072)
  • Cockerton Green (part) (C55)
  • Coniscliffe Road (A67)
  • Coniscliffe Road (part) (B6280)
  • Croft Road (A167)
  • Darlington Eastern Transport Corridor (B6279)
  • Durham Road (A167)
  • Eastmount Road (C55)
  • Freemans Place (B6279)
  • Gainford Road (A67)
  • Geneva Road (C180)
  • Grange Road (A167)
  • Harrowgate Village (A167)
  • Haughton Green (C46)
  • Haughton Road (B6279 and C46)
  • Heighington Bypass (A6072)
  • High Northgate (A167)
  • Hopetown Lane (C55)
  • Hundens Lane (C181)
  • John Street (C55)
  • Longfield Road (part) (C182)
  • McMullen Road (C182)
  • Neasham Road (C38/C38a)
  • Newton Lane (C55)
  • North Road (A167)
  • Northgate (A167)
  • Parkgate (part) (B6280)
  • Parkside (C180)
  • Prior Street (C55)
  • Salters Lane North (A1150)
  • Salters Lane South (C182)
  • Shildon Road (A6072)
  • St Augustines Way (A68)
  • St Cuthberts Way (A167)
  • Staindrop Road (B6279)
  • Station Road (part) (C55)
  • Stockton Road (A1150 and C46)
  • Thompson Street East (C182)
  • Thompson Street West (C182)
  • Victoria Road (part) (A167)
  • West Auckland Road (A68)
  • Whessoe Road (C88)
  • Whinfield Road (A1150)
  • Woodland Road (A68)
  • Yarm Road (A67 and B6280)



  • Church View (C46)
  • High Street (C37)
  • The Green (C37)


  • Beech Crescent (C39)
  • Coatsay Moor Lane (C39a)
  • Darlington Road (C39)
  • Heighington Lane (B6444)
  • Highside Road (C40)
  • Millbank (C39)
  • Redworth Road (C39a)
  • Walworth Road (C39)

High Coniscliffe

  • The Green (A67)
  • Merrybent (A67)
  • Walworth (C39)
  • Summerhouse (B6279)
  • Denton (C71)
  • Houghton Le Side (C71/C55)
  • Piercebridge (B6275)
  • School Aycliffe (C39)
  • Low Dinsdale (C144)


  • Church Row (C38)
  • Church View (C38)
  • Croft Road (C38)
  • Hurworth Road (C38)
  • Tees View (A167)
  • The Green (C38)
  • West End (C38)

Middleton St George

  • Browns Buildings (C52)
  • Hansons Buildings (C52)
  • Harts Buildings (C52)
  • Killinghall Row (C52)
  • Middleton Lane (C54)
  • Neasham Road (C38)
  • New Row (C52)
  • Palm Tree Villas (C52)
  • Pemberton Terrace (C52)
  • Salisbury Place (C38)
  • Station Road (C38/C52)
  • Station Terrace (C52)
  • Temple Buildings (C38)
  • The Front (C54)
  • The Square (C38)
  • Yarm Road (C52)


  • Dibdale Road (C38)
  • Hurworth Road (C38)
  • Neasham Hill (C144)
  • Neasham Road (C38)
  • Teesway (C38)


  • The Green (B6275)
  • Station Road (B6275)


  • Main Road (A6072)
  • Redworth Road (A6072)


  • Church View (C51)
  • Darlington Road (C51)
  • Hillhouse Lane (C38)
  • Norton Road (C51)
  • South View (C51)


  • Back Lane, Walworth (C55)
  • Bishopton Lane (C46)
  • Bishopton to Boundary (C37)
  • Bolam Road (C45)
  • Corner Bank Lane (C40)
  • Elstob Lane (C38)
  • Houghton Back Lane (C55)
  • Houghton Lane (C71)
  • Lime Lane (C34a)
  • Lodge lane (C34a)
  • Middleton Road (C38)
  • Newbiggen Lane (C40)
  • New Lane, Denton (C71)
  • Norton Back Lane (C51)
  • Park House Lane (C40)
  • Redmarshall Road (C49)
  • Sadberge Road (C38)
  • Stillington Road (C92)
  • White House Lane (C40)