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Highway schemes

All of Darlington’s A, B and C roads are surveyed once a year by independent specialists using a Surface Condition Assessment for the National Network of Roads (SCANNER) machine to measure a range of road condition parameters.

A quarter of the unclassified network is surveyed visually on a yearly basis by an independent inspector.

These surveys not only provide the government with a national performance indicator but are used by our highway engineers to produce a medium term (five year) programme of work and also the yearly programme of work based on the available budgets.

Schemes that will be carried out by highways in 2023/24

Schemes to be carried out in 2023/24
Road classification Location What will be carried out When it will be carried out
A67 Merrybent (Phase 3) Carriageway Resurfacing September
A167 Feethams Roundabout Carriageway Resurfacing August
A1150 Salters Lane North Carriageway Reconstruction November
B6279 Staindrop Road (Phase 1) Carriageway Patching October
C38a Neasham Road (Phase 2) Carriageway Resurfacing July/August
C39 Walworth Road Carriageway Reconstruction September/October
C34a Lime Lane Carriageway Reconstruction October/November
C71 Houghton Lane, Houghton Le Side Carriageway Reconstruction/Drainage Repairs December
Unc Barnes Road Carriageway Resurfacing August
Unc Clifton Road West Back Lane Back Lane reconstruction May/June
Unc Burnside Road Carriageway Reconstruction August
Unc Avon Road Estate, Hurworth Footway Refurbishment June/July
Unc Shearwater Avenue Footway Refurbishment April
Unc Priestgate / Prebend Row Carriageway Patching October/November
Unc Coombe Drive Carriageway Patching October/November
Unc Bates Avenue (Phase 3) Footway Refurbishment November
Various Carriageway Patching Contract Carriageway Patching Prior to Micro Asphalt May/June
Various Micro Asphalt Contract Carriageway Micro Asphalt September/October

2023/24 carriageway micro asphalt sites

Further information on the micro asphalting process [pdf document]

2023/24 carriageway micro asphalt sites
Location Date
Alwyn Road * September
Aviemore Court September
Banks Road * September
Barrett Road (Leith Road to The Green) * September
Chase Close September
Coppice Walk September
Coronation Street September
Derby Street * September
Edgecombe Grove September
Egton Way September
Eldon Place ** No longer applicable **
Eldon Street * September
Fulthorpe Grove * September
Gleneagles Road September
Grange Avenue, Hurworth Place September
Headingley Crescent * September
Holwick Road * September
Hopetown Lane *** Deferred ***
Hundens Lane * September
Judith Close, Heighington * September
Kelso Walk September
Kielder Drive * September
Kitching Grove September
Marshall Street * September
Murrayfield Way September
Sedgewick Street September
Station Road *** Deferred ***
Stewart Street September
Strait Lane, Hurworth * September
Sutton Close September
Warwick Square (Nickstream Lane to Witton Crescent) * September
West Green, Heighington * September
Whitby Way (Shops - Malvern Crescent) September


*These sites require patching prior to micro asphalt being laid and will take place May / June 2023

** Eldon Place - this site has been removed due to receiving a new surface course treatment

*** Hopetown Lane / Station Road these sites have been deferred till 2024 due to works conflicting with Rail Heritage Quarter

Further information on the Micro Asphalting process [pdf document]

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Locations are approximate and could change until scheme is designed and cost is clarified

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