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Highway schemes

All of Darlington’s A, B and C roads are surveyed once a year by independent specialists using a Surface Condition Assessment for the National Network of Roads (SCANNER) machine to measure a range of road condition parameters. A quarter of the unclassified network is surveyed visually on a yearly basis by an independent inspector.

These surveys not only provide the government with a national performance indicator but are used by our highway engineers to produce a medium term (five year) programme of work and also the yearly programme of work based on the available budgets.

Schemes that will be carried out by highways in 2020/21

Schemes carried out in 2020/21
Road Classification Location What When
B6275 Piercebridge (The George Hotel - Bridge House) Carriageway Resurfacing June
Unc Victoria Embankment Kerbing, Drainage & Carriageway Patching To be confirmed
Unc Estoril Road South Carriageway Recycling June/July
Unc Fenby Avenue (54 Fenby Avenue - Harris Street) Carriageway Recycling


Unc Stanhope Road South/Coniscliffe Road/West Street Kerbing, Drainage, Carriageway Patching & Resurfacing To be confirmed
A67 Yarm Road (Morton Palms - The Old Farmhouse Public House) Carriageway Patching & Resurfacing August
Unc Barnes Road (Staindrop Road - Claxton Avenue) Carriageway Patching & Resurfacing August
A67 Merrybent Carriageway Patching & Resurfacing August
Unc Hercules Street / Locomotive Street (Furness Street -Springfield Road) Back Lane September/October
Unc Bates Avenue (Stooperdale Avenue -Nickstream Lane) Footway Refurbishment October/November
Unc Priestgate Carriageway Patching & Resurfacing To be confirmed
A68 West Auckland Road Carriageway Resurfacing & Retexturing To be confirmed
Unc Feethams (Feethams Roundabout - Houndgate) Carriageway Patching May
Unc Cleveland Avenue Carriageway Recycling October/November
A6072 Heighington By-Pass Carriageway Patching To be confirmed
Various Carriageway Surface Dressing (A68 West Auckland Road, C38a Norton Back Lane , C51 Neasham Road, C34a Great Stainton to Bishopton) Surface Dressing August
C38 Middleton Road/Sadberge Road Carriageway Recycling To be confirmed
B6280 Parkgate Carriageway Patching/Resurfacing To be confirmed

Further information on the Micro Asphalting process [pdf document]

2020 Carriageway Micro Asphalt Sites

2020 Carriageway Micro Asphalt Sites
Unc Abbey Road (Carmel Road to Elton Road) * August /September
Unc Archer Road - Middle One Row * August /September
Unc Arkle Crescent August /September
Unc Atholl Close August /September
Unc Auckland Oval August /September
Unc Balmoral Road August /September
Unc Baxby Terrace, Hurworth Place August /September
Unc Beaconsfield Street August /September
Unc Belgrave Terrace, Hurworth Place August /September
Unc Belvedere Road August /September
Unc Birkdale Road * August /September
Unc Blackwell Lane * August /September
Unc Bowman Street August /September
Unc Brignall Moor Crescent * August /September
Unc Brougham Street * August /September
Unc Claxton Avenue * August /September
Unc Cleasby View * August /September
Unc Cobden Street August /September
Unc Crossfield Close, Hurworth August /September
Unc Cullen Close August /September
Unc Danesmoor Crescent * August /September
Unc Easby Place August /September
Unc Elms Road August /September
Unc Esk Road * August /September
Unc Essex Way August /September
Unc Evesham Grove, Hurworth August /September
Unc Feetham Avenue August /September
Unc Fulford Place August /September
Unc Geneva Gardens * August /September
Unc Geneva Road August /September
Unc Grainger Street August /September
Unc Great Stainton Village * August /September
Unc Greenwell Street August /September
Unc Haig Street August /September
Unc Killin Road August /September
Unc Latimer Road * August /September
Unc Lazenby Close * August /September
Unc Lazenby Crescent * August /September
Unc Linden Drive, Hurworth Place August /September
Unc Manor Road, Hurworth Place August /September
Unc Marston Moor Road August /September
Unc Moray Close August /September
Unc Mowbray Drive, Hurworth August /September
Unc Mowden Hall Drive August /September
Unc Muirkirk Grove August /September
Unc Neville Road August /September
Unc Nuffield Court August /September
Unc Parkside * August /September
Unc Pierremont Road * August /September
Unc Pilmoor Green August /September
Unc Pinewood Crescent, Heighington * August /September
Unc Polam Lane (A167 to Quakers Lane) * August /September
Unc Polam Road August /September
Unc Salters Close August /September
Unc Sanderson Road, Hurworth * August /September
Unc Sussex Way August /September
Unc Tees Drive * August /September
Unc The Oaklands - Middle One Row * August /September
Unc Thornbury Rise * August /September
Unc Trinity Road August /September
Unc Tyne Crescent * August /September
Unc Vancouver Street * August /September
Unc Vine Street August /September
Unc Wales Street August /September
Unc Waverley Terrace August /September
Unc Westfield Drive, Hurworth August /September
Unc Whitby Way * August /September
Unc Woodlands Way, Hurworth Place August /September

* These sites require patching prior to micro-asphalt being laid and will take place July/August 2020

Further information on the Micro Asphalting process [pdf document]

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Locations are approximate and could change until scheme is designed and cost is clarified

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