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Transport policy and funding bids

Third local transport plan: 2011-2026

Implementation plan

An implementation plan has been produced and is agreed by Cabinet on an ongoing basis. The plan will be reviewed as appropriate and developed within the funding allocation from the Department for Transport.

Impact assessments have been carried out on the plan:

Second local transport plan and delivery report

First local transport plan and progress reports

The first local transport plan [pdf document] covered the period 2001-2006.

Local pinch point fund application form

Local pinch point fund application form [pdf document]

Local sustainable transport fund

In April 2011 Darlington submitted a bid to the Department for Transport for funding to develop the Local Motion initiative, with a new focus on public transport, being more inclusive (rural areas, disabled people) and a joint approach with Durham County Council to have a high quality public transport corridor between the two areas, improving access to employment and reducing the carbon emissions from transport.

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