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Street works permit scheme

In July 2018 the Secretary of State for Transport wrote to all councils that had not yet done so asking them to consider adopting a system of permits for utility street works & highway authority road works.

The main reason behind the request is that it will give the Council, as Highway Authority, greater control over works on our highway network.

An efficient road network is an important element of our vision of making Darlington a place where everyone thrives. It is fundamental to the borough's economy, enabling businesses to provide goods and services.

It allows local people to access services such as

  • health
  • education
  • employment
  • leisure activities
  • retail

It also keeps communities connected and is vital for visitors to the borough and wider region.

Roadworks can cause significant disruption to the smooth running of the network.

This includes by utility companies, developers and maintenance work by the authority.

Whilst this may be necessary work, it is important that it is managed as effectively as possible.

During 2019 we worked closely with other councils in the North East to develop a permit scheme for Darlington.

Following consultation and cabinet approval the permit scheme for Darlington went live on 2nd March 2020.


Current evaluation report

View the DBC permit scheme 3rd year evaluation report [pdf document]

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