Dangerous, abandoned or un-taxed vehicles

To report a vehicle, caravan or trailer that you suspect has been abandoned, is untaxed, is causing an obstruction or is dangerous (causing a danger to other road users or leaking fluid or has broken windows for example) please contact us on 01325 406999 or use the online form.

  Report a vehicle

Please have the following information to hand:

  • The registration number.
  • The make, model and colour of the vehicle
  • The location and how long you think it has been there
  • The condition of the vehicle; flat tyres, broken windows etc

If you are able to, you could check whether the vehicle is taxed and has a valid MOT through the DVLA’s Vehicle Enquiry Service [external link].

The enforcement team have the powers to seize untaxed vehicles on public roads.

Any vehicles without an MOT, on a public road must be reported to the police.

My car has an enforcement sticker or has been removed

Depending on the circumstances, we may place notice requiring the registered keeper to remove the vehicle immediately, we may seize and remove the vehicle immediately ourselves, or give a notice period which could be 24 hours or 7 days for the keeper to remove the vehicle. If we have attended a reported vehicle and have given notice to remove it we will notify the registered keeper should we subsequently seize and remove the vehicle. We also notify the Police for their records.

Notification will be either sent by post if outside of Darlington, or if the keeper’s address is within the borough we will hand deliver it.

We can be contacted via the details on the left. We may allow you to get the vehicle back providing we haven’t authorised it to be destroyed, and only if you pay the charges and provide evidence that you own the vehicle.

We work closely with the police to check if abandoned vehicles have been stolen. If your stolen vehicle has been removed by us then the charges will normally be reimbursed by your insurer as long you had notified the police and your insurance company of the theft. 

Private Land

If a vehicle has been left on private land like a car park, field or driveway we will work with the land owner or landlord to remove the vehicle. The landlord would then request in writing that we enter the land to place an appropriate removal notice on the vehicle. If we fail to gain such cooperation from the landlord we may issue a 15 days removal notice in any case then remove the vehicle.

Vehicles being driven off-road

If vehicles are being driven off-road please inform the police on 101.

Vehicles being repaired or for sale at the roadside

Vehicles being repaired by the roadside can cause an obstruction and can be reported. Vehicles offered for sale or used as advertising and are parked in a public place can also be removed. We will ticket the vehicle and give the keeper the opportunity to remove it.

It is an offence to have 2 or more vehicles parked within 500 meters of each other on a road where they are advertised for sale.

We proactively monitor this through patrols but you can also report it to the civic enforcement team. We can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice for vehicles repaired or for sale on the roadside.

You will need to give a witness statement that contains sufficient evidence to identify the offender and demonstrate a prosecutable offence has taken place. The person will not be informed who has made the complaint and your details will remain confidential.

We need information such as:

  • the date and time you witnessed the offence
  • the location you witnessed the offence
  • description of person selling or repairing vehicles
  • address of the person selling or repairing vehicles
  • details of the vehicle being sold including registration
  • your name and contact details (these will remain confidential)

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