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LGA Corporate Peer Challenge

LGA Corporate Peer Challenge (June 2022)

Corporate Peer Reviews are recognised as good practice within the local government sector and they typically look at 5 main areas;

  1. Local priorities and outcomes
  2. Organisational and place leadership
  3. Governance and culture
  4. Financial planning and management
  5. Capacity for improvement.

The Council invited the LGA to carry out a Peer Review in June 2022. In addition to the 5 main areas, the Council requested the team also assesses ‘The Council’s customer/citizen engagement and how the it interacts with them to see if there are improvements to be made within the context of resources available.’

Following the Peer Challenge, the LGA team produced a report containing recommendations. The report acknowledges the good work done by the Council and the recommendations align with the Council's self assessment that was carried out prior to the review. Following receipt of the report the Council agreed to create an action plan in response to the six recommendations. The report and action plan was presented to Cabinet on 11 October 2022. 

Progress Review

As part of the Peer challenge process a progress meeting takes place within a year. Some members of the Peer Challenge team visited the Council during March 2023 to meet with senior officers and cabinet members to discuss progress against the agreed action plan. The team was pleased with the progress being made and produced a follow up report. 

LGA Corporate Peer Challenge - Progress Review (24 March 2023) [pdf document]

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