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Documents and strategies

This page contains links to documents we have published. 

Allotments documentsChildren and schools documents | Democratic documents | Enforcement policy documents | Equalities documents | Freedom of Information and Environmental Request documents | Housing documentsPeer Challenge review documents | Policing documents | Policy framework documents | Rights of way documents | The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) documentsStrategic (single) needs assessment documents | Transport policy documents | Workforce development documents | Youth offending documents


Allotment strategy

Children and schools


Enforcement policy

The Regulatory Services Group published its enforcement policy [pdf document] in September 2012 which applies to all of its regulatory work and details of the decision making process that officers follow when carrying out their work. 


Freedom of information and environmental requests

Procedure and policy for FOI and EIR


Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour policy and procedure

Home energy conservation act

More information about the home energy conservation act

Housing strategy 2012-17

Housing strategy

Homelessness strategy

Homelessness strategy

Housing connect

Council housing newsletter

Housing support

Housing support report

Peer Challenge review

Darlington Council has undergone a comprehensive independent review in a move to help identify strengths and areas for further improvement.

The corporate peer challenge is part of the Local Government association’s (LGA) ‘taking the lead’ strategy which aims to deliver continued improvement in local authorities. The review, which is not an inspection more a ‘critical review’, is available to local authorities at no charge and on a voluntary basis and sees a Council independently reviewed on a number of key areas by senior staff and politicians from other local authorities.

The Darlington peer challenge saw around 130 Council staff, Councillors and representatives from various organisations and businesses in the Borough and Tees Valley which work with the Council take part in the review which was conducted by a team of senior officers and leaders from Salford, Kensington & Chelsea, Plymouth, Suffolk and Gateshead Councils along with the LGA.

The review concluded on Friday 7 June 2013 and a summary report from the peer challenge panel team noted that Darlington Council is well run with a good reputation and strong local identity. Also noted was the Council’s good record of achievement and the fact Darlington Council seeks opportunities and sees things through to successful conclusions. The constructive working relationship between the majority and opposition parties was also commented upon. 


Darlington community safety partnership plan, sexual violence strategy and alcohol reduction strategy - Darlington community safety partnership

Policy framework

Policy framework

Rights of way

Rights of way improvement plan

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA)

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA)

Strategic (single) needs assessment

Strategic (single) needs assessment

Transport policy

Third local transport plan: 2011-2026

Implementation plan

An implementation plan has been produced and is agreed by Cabinet on an ongoing basis. The plan will be reviewed as appropriate and developed within the funding allocation from the Department for Transport.

Impact assessments have been carried out on the plan:

Second local transport plan and delivery report

The Second Local Transport Plan [pdf document] covered the period 2006-2011.

Delivery report 2008 [pdf document, 1.4mb]

First local transport plan and progress reports

The first local transport plan [pdf document] covered the period 2001-2006.

Local pinch point fund application form

Local pinch point fund application form [pdf document]

Local sustainable transport fund

In April 2011 Darlington submitted a bid to the Department for Transport for funding to develop the Local Motion initiative, with a new focus on public transport, being more inclusive (rural areas, disabled people) and a joint approach with Durham County Council to have a high quality public transport corridor between the two areas, improving access to employment and reducing the carbon emissions from transport.

Workforce development

Services for people workforce development information

Youth Offending

Strategic plan and other documents

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