Trading standards

Trading Standards' aim is to protect consumers and businesses by promoting a safe, healthy and fair trading environment.

We also have an important role to play in helping to build business confidence and in supporting business growth in Darlington.

How do we do this?

By enforcing the laws that regulate the way goods, services and digital content are sold and supplied, as well as those that apply to animal health, welfare and feed hygiene.

By providing clear, accurate and practical advice to Darlington businesses on how to comply with trading standards, consumer, animal health, welfare and feed hygiene laws.

Important areas of responsibility:

  • Safety of products used by consumers
  • Fair trading
  • Financial investigation
  • Weights and measures
  • Age restricted sales
  • Intellectual property including trade marks and copyright
  • Doorstep crime
  • Licensing and inspection of premises storing fireworks
  • Animal health and welfare (mainly livestock)
  • Animal feed labelling, composition and hygiene
  • Animal disease control

Report an illegal trader

If you suspect that a trader is engaging in unfair trading practices including selling illegal tobacco, fireworks or age restricted goods such as alcohol, tobacco products, fireworks, video recordings and games to people under the minimum legal age, report it via our online form below.

Help us to stamp this out by giving as much information as you can. As well as information about the premises and location of the sale, please give us details about the seller (a description will help if you do not know their name), the date and time of the sale, what was sold, any vehicles involved and anything else you think is relevant.

All submissions are anonymous (you can leave contact details if you would like to be updated) and you do not need to register to submit the form.

This form is anonymous but if you are happy for us to contact you, should we need further information or to give you an update, please provide a phone number or email address.

Enforcement policy

Trading Standards operates under the Regulatory Services Enforcement Policy [pdf document]. This policy is designed to encourage efficient and effective enforcement,  improving regulatory outcomes. It also sets out the decision-making process for enforcement actions taken by our officers.

Consumer advice

Please note that Trading Standards does not provide consumer advice or dispute resolution services

If you are looking for advice on a consumer problem, contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service [ external link] or ring them on 0808 223 1133.

The Citizens Advice Consumer Service works in partnership with Trading Standards and refers any illegal trading issues to us.

We have a range of consumer guides available, which you can access at our consumer advice web page.




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