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Illegal tobacco

Trading Standards works hard to keep our community safe.

One of our priorities is to prevent the sale and supply of illegal tobacco in Darlington.

How to report illegal tobacco

If you have any information about illegal tobacco sales in Darlington, report it to Trading Standards using the online form.

All submissions are anonymous.

You can leave contact details if you would like to receive updates.

You do not need to register to submit the form.

You can also make a report using the:

Basic information

This form is anonymous but if you are happy for us to contact you, should we need further information or to give you an update, please provide a phone number or email address.

What is Illegal Tobacco?


These products, which are produced and supplied illegally, are copies of well-known brands.

Non-Duty Paid

These are genuine, legally manufactured products that have been smuggled into the UK, no duty having been paid, to be supplied illegally.

Cheap Whites/Illegal Whites

These carry brand names that are not recognised brands normally found on general sale in the UK. No duty will have been paid and they have no legal market in the UK.

Why is Illegal Tobacco a Problem?

It is vitally important to stop the illegal tobacco trade because it is linked to organised criminal activity.

Illegal tobacco sabotages efforts to reduce smoking and is often available at cheaper prices, undermining the effectiveness of taxation and making it harder for smokers to quit and easier for ex-smokers to relapse.

Those who supply illegal tobacco are not concerned about the age of their customers and often sell to under-age children. This inevitably makes it easier for children to start smoking and enables them them to become hooked and a young age.

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