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Report an illegal trader

If you suspect that a trader is engaging in unfair trading practices including:

  • selling illegal tobacco;
  • selling illegal fireworks;
  • selling age restricted goods such as alcohol, tobacco products, fireworks, video recordings and games to people under the minimum legal age.

report it via our online form below.

Help us by giving as much information as you can.

As well as information about the premises and location of the sale, please give us:

  • details about the seller (a description will help if you do not know their name);
  • the date and time of the sale;
  • what was sold;
  • any vehicles involved;
  • anything else you think is relevant.

All submissions are anonymous (you can leave contact details if you would like to be updated).

You do not need to register to submit the form.

Basic information

This form is anonymous but if you are happy for us to contact you, should we need further information or to give you an update, please provide a phone number or email address.

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