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Building regulations historical property data

The Local Authority’s Building Regulations records do not extend back before 1st September 2002. Records prior to that date are no longer available.

The following information will be provided where applicable:

  • Application reference
  • Description of work
  • Decision and date of decision
  • Completion date (where applicable)
  • Whether any formal enforcement proceedings have been instigated for the property.

How to request the information

To provide accurate information you must provide an accurate postal address including postcode for the property and where possible please include a site location plan with the site clearly outlined in red.

We are unable to provide access to Building Regulations property information online at the moment. However you can contact us via the following methods to request the information:

Building Control Services
Town Hall

There will be a small charge for these requests (£1 postage and printing). Payment must be received before the information is released. Replies by email are free.