Planning fees and admin charges

Planning fees differ. They depend on the nature and type of application. Some are free. Charges are set by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

We will send you the relevant application form to be completed and returned along with your payment and any supporting documents.

You can also download the relevant application form.

Your application will not be progressed until the correct fee has been paid.

You will receive a receipt which will inform you of the application.

It can also explain why it is invalid.

If you believe your application qualifies for a fee waiver please state your reasons in a separate written statement.

There is no VAT on planning application fees.

Methods of payment

Our preferred methods of payment are detailed here Methods of Payment.

Planning administration charges

Planning administration charges
Service Cost (£)
Supplementary Items inclusive of VAT at %20
Letter confirming exemption 26.00
Letter confirming completion 26.00 
Letter confirming enforcement action will not be taken 26.00 
Site inspection to determine info. 26.00 
A4 Photocopy (ex plans) - first page 1.10
Subsequent pages 0.10
A3 Photocopy (ex plans) - first page 1.20
Subsequent pages 0.20 
A2 Photocopy (ex plans) - first page 1.50 
A1 Photocopy (ex plans) 2.00 
A0 Photocopy (ex plans) 3.00 
 Items outside of the scope of VAT 
Local plan 18.00
Local plan - postage  4.00 
Local plan - alterations 2.00 
Invoicing 9.00 


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