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In general, cockroaches are tropical and live outdoors.

Two species - the oriental cockroach and German cockroach - may be found in the UK.

Oriental cockroach

The oriental cockroach will eat anything, but they prefer to feed on starchy foods. They are less wary and more sluggish than other cockroaches.
Their ideal habitat temperatures range is about 20 C. They are typically found in;

  • dark, damp basements,
  • areas between soil and the foundation,
  • underneath pavements,
  • in sewer pipes,
  • floor drains
  • and any other cool, moist place.

German cockroach

The German cockroach is usually brought in to buildings on packaging, luggage and furniture brought from places with existing cockroach infestations.

They are most active at night. They can be found in cracks and crevices and also behind and under furniture and white goods.

What harm can they do?

Cockroaches can live anywhere with enough food and water. They are a public health risk and considered a pest because they carry things like salmonella bacteria. They are also a source of powerful allergens.

Controlling cockroaches – pest control

You can reduce cockroach numbers by cutting off food and water, improving cleanliness and setting sticky traps. 

To be effective pest control measures must be done properly and for a long period. The survival of just a few eggs is enough to create another population in weeks.

Cockroaches can be got rid of by using chemical products. The council can provide a treatment to get rid of cockroaches in domestic properties but there is a charge. If you would like to arrange a treatment call customer services on 01325 405111.


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