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Earwigs are usually found outside. They feed on dead animals and plants.

They tend to come indoors for protection during the colder months. They are nocturnal and live in cracks and crevices.

Do earwigs do any harm?

When they are indoors they are mainly a nuisance. They like humid places like bathrooms. They sometimes eat left out food and foul in the home.

How do earwigs get in the house?

Earwigs avoid flying or crawling. They are often carried into homes by accident.

Earwigs may be entering the house through the windows, so if you have long grass close to the building or climbing plants on walls, cut these back.

How do I get rid of them?

Cutting back plants close to doors and windows and then treating with spray or dust insecticides, especially during damp weather will control the problem. 


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