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The house mouse is a small rodent that has a slightly pointed nose.

House mice are among the most troublesome and economically damaging rodents in Britain. 

The house mouse is very adaptable and often lives close to humans. House mice are much more common in homes and businesses than rats. 

Do they do any harm?

When house mice live in or around buildings, they almost always cause some damage.
In homes and commercial buildings, they feed on stored food items or pet foods. They usually contaminate foodstuff with their urine, droppings, and hair.

A single mouse eats only about eight pounds of food per year but destroys a lot more than it eats because of its habit of nibbling.

Mice cause damage to buildings by their gnawing and nest-building activities. They often make homes in large electrical appliances. They may chew wiring as well as insulation, resulting in short circuits which create fire hazards or expensive damage. 

Mice or their parasites may pass a number of infectious diseases to humans.

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