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Black ants

Black ants are found all over the UK. Although they nest outdoors they are often found inside houses.

They cause a nuisance rather than a health risk.

Where do they come from?

You will find ants nests in dry earth around plant roots, usually in sandy soil. Nests are also found inside the walls of properties. Once a nest develops it can be difficult to get rid of.

Why do ants come indoors?

The ants found indoors are usually worker ants looking for food. Humans are a good source of food, particularly sweet or sugary items.

Do black ants just live on human food?

No, the worker ants collect seeds, nectar and dead insects to take back to the nest. They also prey on greenfly, black fly and other small insects, so they do the garden some good.

Do black ants do any harm?

Although it is not nice to find a large number of them in your home, black ants do not carry any serious diseases. 

Ants may have passed through dirty places before entering your home. This means that they can taint any food and make it unsuitable to eat. Throw away any food touched by ants.

How do I get rid of them?

The cheapest way of dealing with an ants nest is to pour boiling water on the nest. It will control the problem but it is only a temporary solution.

Another way to get rid of them is to buy a household insecticide. This goes on and around the nest, together with any possible entry points for the ants. Entry points would include doors, windows, cracks in walls and even waste pipes.

This may only be a short term answer because there can be so many ants in one nest that it is difficult to get rid of the whole colony in one go.

We can provide a treatment using professional standard insecticides but there is a charge. Contact customer services on 01325 405111 if you want this service.


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