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We don't provide a service to remove or destroy bees.

A swarm is the responsibility of the person on whose property it has settled.

If a swarm can't safely be removed then the owner of the property must decide what action to take. If it is necessary to destroy the bees because they represent a threat and cannot be removed then this is best carried out by a pest control company.

If the swarm is honey bees and not a wasps nest or other bees, you should call a local beekeeper.

You may be asked to make a contribution to the costs of the removal.

The British Bee Keepers Association [external link] provide contact details of local beekeepers who are willing to collect swarms.

Bee information

There are several types of bee in the UK. The Woodland Trust has a guide to bees [external link]

Places where swarms settle

  • Branches of trees and shrubs
  • On hedges
  • Inside garden compost bins
  • Inside chimneys/central heating flues
  • In the cavity wall of a building
  • On the outside wall of a high building

It is almost impossible to remove honey bees from a chimney or cavity if they have been there more than three days. In that that time they will have started to build comb and establish themselves. They will probably survive until the winter but die before spring because of a lack of food.

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