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Measures of Success

The development and implementation of digital technologies across the service will be continually monitored and evaluated. In measuring the success of these technologies and ensuring the vision is realised, the following areas will provide valuable insight.

Reduction in the need for multiple telephone calls and face to face visits

Online services that are person centred and easy to use will result in our service users using this as their channel of choice

Increased ASC website visits with reduced drop offs

A new person centred website will be introduced which will be easy to navigate and always be up to date. This will lead to an increase in website interactions. The focus being that each visit is completed to the customers satisfaction, this will show by a reduction in website visits.

Increase in customer satisfaction in online provision

Following each online interaction, there will be an opportunity to provide customer feedback. This data will give an understanding of customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.
In delivering all the above, this will result in the following measures of success:
  • Alleviation of service pressure
  • Supporting those who need our help most
  • Increase in self serve transactions

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