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Events strategy and support

Events strategy

Darlington has developed an events strategy to help carry out an events programme, which enhances its tourism profile, and sustains economic growth.

The main aims of the strategy are:

  • To encourage local community and rural events in the Borough providing support and assistance where required
  • To carry out an events programme which enhances Darlington’s tourism offer, profile and economic effect
  • To develop a coordinated approach to the provision of events exploiting all opportunities
  • Attract and host major events of national and regional significance
  • To increase and sustain economic growth from events
  • To attract town twinning events in the Borough and encourage local schools and colleges to host events

The main objectives of the strategy are:

  • To provide a strategic framework for the events programme
  • To establish an Events Panel and an Events Unit providing direction, financial and marketing support to events in both the private and public sector
  • To establish a sound financial framework for the support of events
  • To identify a consistent, proactive and integrated approach to the provision of support services and regulatory functions for events
  • To encourage creativity in developing aspirational events for Darlington
  • To provide the infrastructure for displaying street art in Darlington
  • To provide life long learning opportunities through the hosting of events
  • To identify tertiary, marketing and branding opportunities
  • To ensure the highest standards for health and safety are followed at events

Darlington’s reputation and experience of high profiled events, its market town appeal, its heritage and evolving role as the gateway to Tees Valley means that new events and civic occasions have the opportunity to increase and play a pivotal role in the economy and profile of Darlington.

If you would like to organise an outdoor event, please visit the public entertainment safety advisory group (PESAG) page for further information and to complete the event notification form.

Hire of Darlington’s performance spaces

All bookings for promotional space are undertaken by Darlington Events Team. Please contact at, 

Town centre hire opportunities [pdf document]

Darlington has many performance spaces in the town centre, which can be hired by external groups, businesses and individuals. 

Joseph Pease Place

Situated in the heart of the town centre, surrounded by banks, coffee shops and mobile phone units. Located where High Row, Prebend Row and Northgate meet.

Joseph Pease floor area is difficult to give a precise measurement however the widest point is 15 metres and the length is 11 metres to 15 metres. The area is accessible to vehicles including heavy goods vehicles.

Joseph Pease Location

The nearest postcode to Joseph Pease Place is the O2 shop adjacent, DL1 1NT.

  • By vehicle, head for St Cuthbert’s Way/A167.
  • Turn left onto Stonebridge.
  • At the roundabout, take 2nd exit onto Crown Street.
  • Turn left onto Priestgate.
  • At the top where Priestgate meets Prebend Row, to your right is Joseph Pease statue and your hire space.

Market square

Located between the Dolphin Centre Leisure facility (which has over one million visitors a year), the indoor market, restaurants and cafeterias. This is a vibrant location especially in the summer period with many pavement café seating areas. The Market Square is located between Church Row and East Row and can accommodate up to 5000 people.

  • the bollards running parallel to East row to Church Row is 40 metres
  • the bollards running parallel to East row is 32 metres
  • the public houses side of the square is 46 metres
  • the Dolphin Centre side of the square is 52 metres
  • the bollards are removable to allow access to vehicles including heavy goods vehicles

Market Square Location

The nearest postcode to the Market Square is the Dolphin Centre  adjacent, DL1 5RP.

  • By vehicle, head for St Cuthbert’s Way/A167.
  • At the Roundabout take exit onto Feethams.
  • Where Feethams meets Church Row, on your left is the Market Square.

View some photos of our performance spaces on Flickr [external link]

Street art

We actively encourage amateur street performers and buskers to perform in the town centre. For further information and to make a booking please contact us.

Busking licence information

Event sponsorship

More information about event sponsorship

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