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Fireworks and bonfire displays

Bonfire and firework displays/parties make events exciting and memorable, but misuse can cause annoyance and anxiety to neighbours and their pets. You can still have a good time whilst not disturbing others by following a few simple rules:

  • inform those nearby (particularly elderly people or people with children and animals) that you are letting off fireworks. This prepares people and allows them to make arrangements to be elsewhere or to have their pets sedated if necessary
  • Let fireworks off in an open area as far away from buildings as possible
  • avoid buying really noisy fireworks and let the noisier ones off early into the display
  • control the level of any music and behaviour – remember that loud music and people attending the display can also cause disturbance
  • remember – what goes up must come down! Clean up any firework debris after the display
  • don't forget to follow the fireworks code [pdf document]

Anyone intending to have fireworks at a private party or organised display should be aware that it is illegal to let fireworks off between 11pm and 7am. The start of the curfew is later for some occasions when fireworks have traditionally been used for religious or cultural events - these include Diwali Night (usually in October/November), Chinese New Year (usually in January/February) and New Year's Eve when the curfew will not start until 1am.

On Bonfire Night (November 5) the curfew will begin at midnight. 

The Police enforce these powers and you may receive a fine of £5000 or 6 months in prison if you break the law.

In some cases a Licence or T.E.N may be required from the Council. It is also illegal for retailers to sell fireworks that are louder than 120 decibels.

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