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Emergency Management Steps


How are agencies across County Durham and Darlington working to ensure the effects of an emergency can be reduced?

  • Understanding risks, their cause and the effect they would have locally.
  • Partnership working to reduce the likelihood of the risk happening and lessen the negative effect if the risk occurs.

Preparation – Being ready to respond to an incident

  • Understanding the effects and consequence of each risk.
  • Developing emergency plans and procedures for response to the risks.
  • Training staff and testing procedures.
  • Matching our capabilities to the needs of each emergency.
  • Developing longer-term recovery plans.
  • Raising awareness of each organisation’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Learning lessons from previous incidents.
  • Establishing links for help and assistance from other counties for lengthy or widespread incidents.

Response – Reacting in the event of an incident

  • Initial emergency activities (such as public safety, evacuation and shelter, limiting the spread of the incident, search and rescue).
  • Initial damage assessment.
  • Multi-agency coordination.
  • Warning and informing the public.

Recovery – Actions following an incident

  • Initial and long-term recovery efforts.
  • Re-housing of displaced persons.
  • Humanitarian Assistance.
  • Regeneration.
  • Welfare Arrangements.

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