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Animal Health

Some animal diseases may be passed to humans. Others may only be passed from animal to animal.

The 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak resulted in over 10 million sheep and cattle being killed across the country.

The impacts of a similar outbreak would include:

  • Risk to health.
  • Risk to animal health.
  • Damage to the economy.
  • Damage to tourism and recreational sectors.
  • Access restrictions causing problems with delivery of utility /essential services.

Who can be affected?

Previous incidents have devastated rural economies and communities. However, incidents can extend wider and have an effect on tourism.

What are we doing in County Durham and Darlington?

On-going work with DEFRA to make sure that lessons identified from previous incidents are incorporated into emergency plans.

What can you do?

For those involved in farming:

  • Register livestock with DEFRA.
  • Make sure sick animals are checked and reported.
  • Vaccinate livestock where possible.
  • If an outbreak is declared, follow government advice to limit the spread of the disease and protect your livestock

For the public:

  • Put up with restrictions limiting the spread of the disease, such as closed footpaths in rural areas.

Where can you get further information?

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