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How can your business be prepared?

Business Continuity Management is the process through which organisations aim to continue the delivery of their main products and services during and following disruptive events. Effective business continuity is the first line of defence for any organisation to make sure they can maintain delivery of their core services and, in the long-run, assure their survival.

If you own or are responsible for a business, have you considered the impacts from external emergencies?

How would your organisation cope with:

  • A sudden and significant reduction in staff?
  • Denial of access to a site or geographical area?
  • Unexpected loss of utilities - such as water, gas, electricity?
  • Significant disruption to transport?
  • Disruption to the availability of oil and fuel?
  • A loss or disruption to computer systems and telecommunications?
  • A disruption which affects your main suppliers or partners which can result in a loss of customers?
  • A loss of customers?

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