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Five Steps to Effective Business Continuity

  1. Understand your business
    • What parts of the business are critical and what priority would you allocate to restoring functions if they fail?
  2. Risk Assessment
    • What risks does your business face (internal and external)?
    • Consider these risks in your business risk assessment. What can you put in place to reduce the likelihood of the risks and/or the effects of them?
  3. Consider the resource needs of each of your business functions
    • People.
    • Premises.
    • Equipment.
    • Information.
    • Communications.
    • External suppliers / contractors.
  4. Document information in a user-friendly format about your businesses’ critical functions and the resources required including alternatives / backups for each. This will assist you during an emergency.
  5. Train and test your staff in activating the continuity plan and the roles and procedures within it.

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