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Authorities Monitoring Report (Formerly Annual Monitoring Report)

The Localism Act (and Town and Country Planning Regulations2012) removed the requirement for Local Planning Authorities to formally submit an Annual Monitoring Report to the Secretary of State. However, the Act required Local Planning Authorities to continue to monitor the effects of land-use policies and its progress in preparing their local plan through Authorities Monitoring Reports (AMR).

Our AMR's can be seen in a series of factsheets, which were most recently updated for the 2014/15 period. We are currently working on an update. Older AMR's can be seen below.

Introduction 2014/15: An outline of the purpose of the AMR and summary of fact sheets available.

Local Plan Preparation 2014/15: An update on work that has been carried out in preparing  the Development Plan Documents during 2014-15. Together, these documents make up the Local Plan for the Borough of Darlington.

Implementation 2014/15: Review of the different elements of the Core Strategy Implementation Framework in terms of delivery organisations, means of delivery and funding sources.

Economy 2014/15: An overview of availability and development of employment land across the Borough and review of future allocations.

Retail and Town Centre 2014/15: An overview of availability and development of retail floorspace across the Borough and review of future allocations.

Green Infrastructure 2014/15: An overview of recent and planned intervention in green infrastructure, open spaces, parks and biodiversity as part of a strategic approach to improving quantity, quality and accessibility of open green space in the urban and natural environment.

Built Environment 2014/15: A review of distinctive and valued historic assets within the Borough.

Sports Facilities 2014/15: An overview of investment in Darlington’s sport and recreation facilities as part of a strategic approach to improving the range of quality, accessible and safe facilities that meet the needs of the community.

Transport 2014/15: A review of recent and planned interventions designed to encourage more sustainable modes of travel and to reduce congestion on the roads.

Please note that only those AMR factsheets which have required immediate changes have been updated for 2014/15. Those which have been updated show ‘2014/15’ in the title. Remaining factsheets will be updated in due course. This staggered update is due to capacity within the team, and the team’s primary focus on progressing the Local Plan.

Past Editions of the AMR

Fact sheets updated for 2012/13 (published March 2014)

Fact sheets updated for 2011/12 (published December 2012)

Editions of the AMR, 2010/11 and older