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Publicity and consultations on planning applications

All new applications are publicised. We notify adjoining occupiers by post. For some types of application, we display site notices and place adverts in the press.

All persons notified about a specific planning application will be advised where and when they can see it and how they can make comments upon it. Twenty-one days will be allowed in which to do so. If material amendments are made to an application, it may be necessary to re-notify neighbours or interested parties and in this event a further fourteen days for comments will normally be allowed.

Additional publicity is usually given to large or important applications. Extra time is sometimes allowed for comments where necessary.

Information about all valid planning applications received is available to view through Public Access

Notification procedure for planning applications [pdf document]

Pre-application Consultations

For certain proposed significant developments, developers will now be expected to carry out pre-application consultations. To find out what kinds of development we consider "significant" and to find out the kinds of activities potential developers will be expected to undertake, please view submitting a significant application [pdf document].