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Branksome Hall Drive Defibrillator


In September 2023 Tenants of Branksome Hall Drive celebrated becoming the first Darlington Borough Council scheme in Darlington to purchase a potentially life-saving Defibrillator machine thanks mainly to fundraising at the scheme.

Tenants along with their Scheme Managers Loraine Glenning and Penny Ivison and Housing Officer Linda Johnston campaigned tirelessly for the Defibrillator to be installed and a combination of the scheme's fantastic fundraising and a contribution from the Community Engagement fund made it happen with over £900 being raised by tenants at August’s garden party

Defibrillators are devices that apply an electric charge or current to the heart to restore a normal heartbeat.

‘We are proud of the tenants from Branksome Hall Drive for the fundraising they have achieved to buy our very own Defib. We are the first scheme to have our very own machine and I am so proud of what has been achieved through great teamwork.' Scheme Manager Lorraine Glenning.

Wesley Court Gardens

A community fund bid can be used for several reasons, but one of the most popular is garden projects. One example of this is Wesley Court on Bank Top whose rear garden has seen a fantastic transformation over the course of the last 24 months.

Two separate community fund bids have seen a previously unloved garden transform into a suburban oasis.

Tenants panel member Dawn and fellow garden enthusiasts Maureen, Lee, and Julian have overseen the project with street champion Paula ensuring the surrounding areas are kept clean and tidy.

‘What the team has done over the last couple of years has been nothing short of miraculous. Every time I visit the scheme I am invited to see the latest improvements to the garden. I know the tenants are very proud of their hard work and so they should be, it looks great.' Customer Engagement Co-Ordinator Matthew

Branksome Hall Drive – Jill and Veronica

Jill and Veronica enjoying a cup of tea

It is a real family affair at our Branksome Hall Site

Sisters Jill and Veronica have been at Branksome Hall Drive for 7 years and 3 years respectively with Veronica moving to the site following a recommendation from her older sister.

‘I should start getting commission as I have recommended Branksome Hall Drive to a few of our residents. I love it here, there is a strong community spirit and most people socialise in the communal lounge’.

Jill and Veronica are not only pillars of the community at Branksome Hall Drive, but they also cook for fellow residents, organise games afternoons at the scheme and get involved with the community funding application to ensure Branksome Hall Drive tenants continue to get together.

Jill also helped start the ‘Knit and Natter’ group offering guidance to ‘novice knitters’

‘It all started when I used to knit for our old scheme manager Lynne and we realised between us that there might be a need for a knitting club, some come to knit and others just like to natter, but it’s always a good afternoon’.

Last year the sisters were instrumental in the Jubliee celebrations with Veronica helping out with the cake stall and both are looking forward to Kings Coronation as well as more plans in 2023.

For more information about Branksome Hall Drive and our other fantastic schemes visit Darlington BC - Branksome Hall Drive

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