If you have an clean blankets and towels you do not need, we can use them to make bedding for stray dogs to keep them warm when they are in our care. You can drop them off at our address at Central House Annex. Unfortunately we cannot accept duvets, sheets or clothing.

You can also make food donations at the same address or at ASDA on Whinbush Way, Wilkinsons on East Street or Sainsburys on Victoria Road. The food we collect will go to Kings Church food bank in Darlington to help people who have a dog and are finding it difficult to feed them.

Stray Aid [external link] is a registered charity, Charity No. 1117372, based in Coxhoe, Durham.
Their mission is to rescue, re-unite or rehome the lost, abused, abandoned or unwanted dogs found on the streets in the North East of England.

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