Public space protection orders

Darlington Borough Council is proposing to replace all existing Dog Control Orders in the borough with a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) and introduce a new PSPO to ban dogs from the council’s cemeteries, currently covered by a by-law.

You can have your say on this on the consultation page

In public areas with PSPOs you may be required to:

  • keep your dog on a lead
  • put your dog on a lead of you told by a police officer, civic enforcement officer, park ranger or someone from the council
  • stop you dog going in certain places, like farmland, parts of a park or a children's play area
  • limit the number of dogs you have with you (this applies to professional dog walkers too)
  • clear up after your dog


If you ignore a PSPO you can be fined a £100 fixed penalty notice or up to £1000 if it goes to court.

Please see the Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) below for dog controlled areas in Darlington

Public Spaces Protection Order - Dog Control [PDF Document]