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Lost dogs

Darlington Council has a Facebook page which is monitored by the Civic Enforcement team and members of the public also contribute to the page. Darlington Council Facebook Dog Warden page [external link]

If you have lost your dog you can report it directly to using the online form below.

Report a lost, found or stray dog

You can also check Stray Aid [external link] – you can report your dog missing with them and view photos on their website in the event it has already been taken there.

If the dog has not already been found, our officers will look out for it on our daily patrols.

We operate 8am to 9pm 7 days a week. Within these hours of service we will scan any dogs we attend and will try and contact the owner. If we are unable to make contact, the dog is not micro-chipped or we have picked the dog up as a stray before, we will take them straight to the County Pound at Coxhoe. (Stray Aid)

If a dog is found out of hours, by a member of the public, security will safely place the dog in our Allington Way kennels with fresh water and bedding. Within a day, the dog will then be transferred to kennels at Stray Aid [external link] where the owner has 7 days to collect their dog. 

The council operates a non-destruct policy and in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 all dogs seized as strays by the council will become the property of the council after they have been kept for a mandatory period of 7 days and remain unclaimed by the owner. The dog will be rehomed on behalf of the council by the charity and the previous owner will have no legal claim to it. Any proceeds from the sale of this dog will be used by the charity to subsidise the service provided to the public on behalf of the council. Stray Aid makes every effort to rehome as many dogs as possible and will not destroy a re-homeable dog.

If we pick your dog up, it’s micro-chipped and we’re able to contact you immediately then there is no charge for us picking your dog up. We can arrange to drop the dog back off for you.

If your dog is taken to our Allington Way kennel and you collect from there, the standard charge is £25.00

If we transport and kennel your dog at Stray Aid in Coxhoe, then there is a statutory fee of £25 plus kennelling charges of £10 per day and part day. The minimum fee for this is £35.00.

Kennel charges
Duration of stay Charges Total to pay
0-1 day £25 statutory charge + £10 kennelling fee £35
1-2 days £25 statutory charge + £20 kennelling fee £45
2-3 days £25 statutory charge + £30 kennelling fee £55
3-4 days £25 statutory charge + £40 kennelling fee £65
4-5 days £25 statutory charge + £50 kennelling fee £75
5-6 days £25 statutory charge + £60 kennelling fee £85
6-7 days £25 statutory charge + £70 kennelling fee £95

The charges are to cover our costs. If we transport or kennel your dog we have to clean our van, the kennel your dog was housed in and we must also provide food.

If your dog has gone to Stray Aid in Coxhoe, you will need to contact them directly to collect your dog. ID is required. There number is 0300 9994427

You can collect your dog between the hours of 8am and 6pm, 7 days per week except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

  • Photographic Identification: for example, a photo card driving licence, passport, bus pass.
  • One proof of current address (less than 3 months old): for example, a utility bill, rent book, council tax bill.
  • Proof of ownership: for example a, purchase receipt, photographs of the dog in your own home or with your family, vaccination/vet record, up to date microchip details.

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