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Customer services update

We have reluctantly decided to close the Town Hall Customer Services Centre until further notice, for face to face enquiries and appointments. This will to allow us to concentrate on key services and minimise risks to customers and staff.

From Monday, until further notice, the registration of deaths can be done over the phone on 01325 406400. If you need homelessness advice or are homeless tonight please call 01325 405333 (8.30am-4.45pm) or 01642 624662 (after 5pm).

To make sure we can continue to offer you access to the most crucial services at this challenging time, we are now only taking calls to our customer service phone lines for the essential services listed below, this is so our customer service team can help where the need is greatest:

  • Council housing repairs - For urgent repairs call 405333, for all other housing related queries please email [email protected]
  • Homelessness – Please call 405333
  • Environmental health - For environmental health issues please email [email protected] and if unable to contact by e-mail for urgent cases such as suspected food poisoning, pollution incidents, pest control or discarded needles on public land call 405111
  • Highways repairs – For urgent highways issues such as bridge repairs, traffic light failure or road traffic collisions please call 405222
  • Adult social care switchboard - Please call 406111
  • Council Tax - 405555 (9:30am - 3:00pm) or complete a council tax enquiry form anytime.
  • Benefits - 405444 (9:30am - 3:00pm) or complete a benefits enquiry formanytime.

Other departments continuing to take telephone calls at the moment are:

Business Rates – please ring 405666 or complete an online enquiry form
Childrens Services - call 406222 or email [email protected]

You can email only:

All other services continue to be accessible online by submitting a form or by email. 

Last updated: 03/04/2020 14:22:17

Coronavirus: Changes to council services

As part of our response to the Coronavirus outbreak, we've had to scale back or suspend certain council services so others can keep going. 

  • All council car parks are free with immediate effect until further notice.
  • The tip is closed until further notice.
  • The start of this year’s garden waste service will be delayed by at least a month to ensure our refuse collection services are not affected for as long as possible.
  • Our refuse and recycling collections will continue as normal for now.
  • Bulky waste collections have stopped with immediate effect.
  • We will be carrying out emergency highways and streetlight repairs only.
  • Dog waste bins won’t be emptied so please bag it and take it home to bin it.
  • Arboriculturalist (looking after trees) service stopped.
  • Gully clearing stopped unless essential.
  • Town centre mechanical sweepers stopped.
  • The land charges service will not be available for at least three weeks.
  • School crossing patrols are suspended with immediate effect.
  • Grass cutting and grounds maintenance will stop with immediate effect.
  • Parks will remain open to allow people the opportunity for their daily exercise but play areas will be closed.  People must only exercise once every day, alone or with people from their household and stay at least two metres away from other people.
  • Day opportunities for those with learning disabilities stopped with immediate effect.
  • Learning and Skills buildings are closed but online resources are being produced.
  • Essential housing maintenance only will be done.
  • Schools are issuing supermarket food vouchers in place of school meals.  Please contact individual schools for more detail. 
  • Planning applications are still being accepted but the committees are cancelled for now.
Last updated: 27/03/2020 15:21:50

Support for businesses

The latest advice and support for businesses is available now on our dedicated Coronavirus advice for business page on our website.

This will be kept up to date with the latest information for Darlington businesses as the situation develops.

Last updated: 27/03/2020 15:21:50

Advice on offering takeaway/delivery services

Are you a food business looking to change the way you work because of COVID-19?

We've compiled some advice and guidance if you're considering starting to offer a takeaway or delivery service.

Last updated: 27/03/2020 15:21:50


It's with a heavy heart, we've taken the decision to cancel or postpone all our events until the end of June. This is in line with Government advice and to help make sure we come through this difficult time as quickly as possible.

For events after this date, we will review the situation nearer the time. 

Last updated: 27/03/2020 15:21:50

Council meetings cancelled

It has been agreed that all council meetings taking place in the near future will be cancelled. The details of the cancelled meetings are below:-

  • SACRE – Monday 23 March 2020
  • Health and Well Being Board – 26 March 2020
  • Health and Housing Scrutiny – 26 March 2020
  • Council – 26 March 2020
  • Children & Young People  Scrutiny – 30 March 2020
  • Adults Scrutiny – 31 March 2020
  • Cabinet - 31 March 2020
  • Planning – 1 April 2020
  • Communities and Local Services Scrutiny – 2 April 2020
  • Climate Change Cross Party Working Group – 20 April 2020
  • Corporate Parenting Panel – 21 April 2020
  • Audit – 22 April 2020
  • Economy and Resources Scrutiny – 23 April 2020
  • JCC – 24 April 2020
  • Health and Housing Scrutiny – 30 April 2020


These meetings, by law, must take place in person. Because of current health guidelines, we’ve taken the decision to cancel them. We understand the law around this matter is under review and we will make appropriate arrangements to establish them once we have more information

Last updated: 27/03/2020 15:21:50

School Crossing Patrol services

Due to the current situation, please be aware, school crossing patrol services have stopped with immediate effect.

Last updated: 27/03/2020 15:21:50

Housing repair service restrictions

Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus outbreak, we are having to temporarily restrict our repair service for tenants.

For now, we are only able to deal with urgent and emergency situations: These include:

Gas Leaks
Total Electrical failure – please check your fuse box before calling
Total heating hot water failure with no other form of heating available
Burst pipes, including flooding
Making safe after storm damage – including dangerous structures and loose roof tiles
Dangerous live wiring
Loss of keys and no other way to access the property

We understand what a worrying time this is,and we haven't taken this decision lightly. Thank you for understanding - we will update you as soon as possible.

Last updated: 24/03/2020 14:06:56

Local Plan postponed

Due to the ongoing and developing situation with the Coronavirus pandemic the planned deposit of the Local Plan has been postponed.

We are not able to say at this time when it will take place but anyone who has previously commented on the Local Plan, or registered on the consultation portal, will be updated as soon as a decision is made.

Full details about how to register for automatic updates are available on the Local Plan Blog [external site].

Last updated: 24/03/2020 14:23:17

Freedom of Information and Data Protection

To ensure the health and wellbeing of all our residents and staff unfortunately we will not be providing a face-to-face service for people wanting to make an information request until further notice.  

While these temporary restrictions are in place you can continue to email, telephone and at present write to us in the usual way.

It is also likely that while we target our resources at meeting the needs of the most vulnerable and maintaining vital services you will experience a delay in receiving a response.  We apologise for the inconvenience and trust you can appreciate why we have had to implement the above measures at this difficult time.  

Please pass this message on to anyone you know who might be affected - especially if they do not have internet access.

Last updated: 25/03/2020 10:22:35

Tip Alert

⚠️⚠️The tip is now closed until further notice⚠️⚠️

Last updated: 27/03/2020 15:21:50


To ensure the health and wellbeing of all our residents and staff unfortunately we will not be providing a face-to-face service for people wanting to make a complaint, compliment or comment until further notice.  

While these temporary restrictions are in place you can continue to email, telephone and at present write to us in the usual way.

It is also likely that while we target our resources at meeting the needs of the most vulnerable and maintaining vital services you will experience a delay in receiving a response.  We apologise for the inconvenience and trust you can appreciate why we have had to implement the above measures at this difficult time.  

Please pass this message on to anyone you know who might be affected - especially if they do not have internet access.

Last updated: 27/03/2020 15:21:50

Land charges

Following the Prime Ministers announcement made on the evening of 23 March 2020 about only travelling to do essential work we have had to suspend the Local Land Charges Service with immediate effect. The Land Charges Service is not considered an essential service and cannot be performed entirely by remote working. Some of the information required to perform a full search are reliant on hard copy records which are unable to be accessed by remotely, so completing a full search will no longer be possible.

We have also suspended the Personal Search Service with immediate effect.

Personal Search Companies can access some data sets on the councils website  however currently we can’t guarantee that this is a complete record.

These changes will be for 3 weeks but may be extended depending on further announcements from Government.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused

Last updated: 27/03/2020 15:21:50


Some residents and customers may experience problems when making payments through our payments portal when using Google Chrome. If you experience any problems when attempting to make a payment using Chrome, please use a different web browser such as Edge, Firefox or Safari. Before reattempting to make any payments please first check with your bank to see if you have a pending transaction. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Last updated: 30/03/2020 12:31:46

Council Tax

We are aware that the current crisis means people's financial situation over the coming months may be uncertain.

Council Tax is still due, and will need to be paid, but there are some options if you are struggling.

If you are on a low income, you may be eligible for Council Tax Support which may reduce the amount of Council Tax you are required to pay.  Please visit our Council Tax Support page for further information.

We encourage everyone to continue to pay their normal monthly payments of Council Tax, or as much as you can over the next two months. The situation will be reviewed at that point.

We intend to relax our recovery rules for payments normally due in April and May. This means reminder letters won't be sent if you only partly pay these instalments or miss them altogether.  Please do not contact us if you cannot meet these payments.

Please note however, that the full amount of Council Tax for 2020-21 is still due by the end of March 2021.

Council Tax Hardship Fund

As part of our COVID-19 response, the council will be providing extra support to households on low incomes with their Council Tax.

Every working age resident who gets Council Tax Support will receive a £150 discount on their Council Tax bill. This includes anyone who has claimed Council Tax Support recently because of a change in their circumstances, due to COVID-19.

Council Tax bills will be recalculated automatically and a new bill will be sent in the next few weeks. You do not need to contact the Council to apply for the £150 discount.

If you are not receiving Council Tax Support, but think you may be eligible, please visit the Council Tax Support page.

Last updated: 03/04/2020 13:45:56

Fostering and Supported Lodgings

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Fostering and Supported Lodgings Information Evenings will be postponed from March 23 2020 onwards. 

We still welcome enquiries from people interested in Fostering or Supported Lodgings.

Fostering Enquiries and Supported Lodgings enquiries can still be made using [email protected] or [email protected]

This also affects Skills to Foster Training which has also been suspended until further notice.

Last updated: 27/03/2020 15:21:51

Learning and Skills


[Updated 26/03/2020, 12.30pm]

With the current situation in relation to COVID-19 Learning & Skills has taken the decision to cancel all courses at the Coleridge Centre, L&S Tubwell Row, L&S Lingfield Way and our external venues until further notice.

Due to the complex nature of COVID-19 and no obvious timescales, we will post updates on our website and on our Social Media pages.

We are continuing with online digital learning for all current accredited courses. All learners on these courses, should have received an email informing them of their email address. Please make sure to check your inbox and junk mail folder for this email. If you have not received this email, please email your tutor or email [email protected].

Google classroom will enable you to access the resources and documents your tutors have kindly uploaded to continue with your studies. Please remember that you already have access to Learning & Skills’ Padlet. For any technical assistance please contact [email protected].

For those who are completing Distance Learning qualifications, please continue to complete your workbooks as planned. Once these are complete, please email your tutor for further instructions. You can find your tutor contact details on your signed learning agreement.

To those on Apprenticeships, please continue working on your theory elements via Quals Direct / Learning Assistant. Please email your trainer/assessor if you have any problems.

Please be aware that replies to your emails from us may be sent to your junk mail folder. We urge you to monitor both your inbox and your junk mail folder if you are expecting to hear from us.

Thank you for your support and understanding at this difficult time. Alaine McCartney, Learning & Skills Manager.


Telephone/Text: 07932 869325
Email: l&[email protected]
Please do not try to contact our office landline number.

Please like and follow us online for the latest updates:
Facebook: @DarlingtonLandS
Twitter: @DarlingtonL_S
Instagram: DarlingtonL_S

Last updated: 01/04/2020 15:24:44


Planning services - Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

The council not only understands the important role that the Planning System will play in assisting the recovery of the economy following the current period of social isolation, but also the importance of a planning service for smaller scale proposals for individual families and households. The council therefore continues to operate a Development Management (Planning) service but with staff now almost entirely home-based. This has resulted in some changes to the way in which the service operates and, with the situation constantly evolving, we may need to make further changes in due course; you should revisit this page for further updates.

New permitted development rights for pubs, cafés and restaurants

The Government has introduced new permitted development rights for pubs (Use Class A4) and cafés & restaurants (Use Class A3) to operate solely for any use for the provision of hot or cold food that has been prepared for consumers for collection or delivery to be consumed, reheated or cooked by consumers off the premises (Use Class A5). This right to change the use of premises is time limited for 12 months and expires on 23 March 2021.

You will need to notify the council of this change of use; Please do so by e-mailing  [email protected] , providing the address, business name, previous use and contact details.  You will receive an acknowledgement from the council.

The use of the premises prior to the change of use to food takeaway will be reinstated after the use as a food takeaway has ceased.

Contacting the Planning Service

General enquiries should be made through [email protected] as normal. In order to ensure that you receive a response, a valid email address should be provided.

Case officers will be available by email, and this is the preferred method of contact. Contact by phone is still available either directly with the case officer or through the planning support team on 01325 405656

Wherever possible we ask that you communicate with officers via e-mail. Officers will be able to phone you back, if required and contact details are provided.

Planning Enforcement

Delivery restrictions update

On Friday 13 March, the Secretary of State for Housing and Communities and Local Government issued a statement about delivery restrictions. Read the full statement [external link]

The statement sets out that local planning authorities should take a positive approach to their engagement with food retailers and distributors, as well as the freight industry, to ensure planning controls are not a barrier to food delivery over the period of disruption caused by the coronavirus.

Given the current situation, as a local planning authority, we will follow government advice and will not enforce planning restrictions on the delivery of food and other essential deliveries during this period.

Planning enforcement enquiries should be made through the council's Planning Enforcement webpage.

The service will continue to investigate alleged breaches of planning control as far as it is currently possible.  Enforcement site visits will however only take place for the very highest priority cases and only where the Council is satisfied that the risk to staff and the public through the possible further transmission of the COVID-19 disease can be avoided.

Pre-application advice

Pre-application advice is a valuable tool in the Development Management process and the council is still able to offer the majority of these services.  However, face to face meetings will only be held via telephone. No site visits will be conducted as part of the pre-application service; however officers will be able to consider any photographs provided. Listed Building enquiries can be emailed to [email protected]

Site visits

Site visits for planning applications will not be able to be undertaken until further notice. Applicants are asked to provide comprehensive photographs of the outside and inside of a property and/or relevant views out. The case officer may contact applicants to request photographs of particular elements of the site, and from certain vistas. It may be the case that, without a site visit, some applications will not be able to be progressed at this time, and the council will consider a range of options available, including long-term extensions of time or withdrawal of the application altogether.

Submitting applications

The preferred method of submission is via the Planning Portal [opens in a new window] or by e-mail to [email protected] if this is not possible.

Applications submitted by hard copy will likely experience significant delay in processing.

Please note cheques for application fees can no longer be processed. Payment can be made as detailed on the methods of payment page.

Consultation responses

All representations to planning applications should be made electronically, ideally through the council's public access webpage, but if this is not possible then by e-mail to [email protected].

Consideration of representations made solely in hardcopy cannot be guaranteed at this time.

Publicity and site notices

For the foreseeable future the council's own published protocol on the publicity of planning applications is suspended and all applications will instead be required to meet the minimum statutory requirements for publicity, as set out in the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) Order (DMPO). Given the restricted access to Darlington Borough Council offices and the need to minimise staff at that location, it will no longer be possible to send postal notifications to owners or occupiers of land adjacent to application sites.

A site notice will now be displayed for each planning application, this will be sent electronically to the owner/occupier of the site where possible, who will be asked to print and display the notice outside of the property, where it is possible to do so safely, and provide photographic proof of this.

Alternative mechanisms for displaying site notices may be considered on a site-by-site basis, where this is not possible.

In addition to the statutory required publicity for applications, the public are encouraged to register with the Public Access System .

In addition to searching, viewing and commenting on planning applications, these systems allow you to 'Track' Applications and 'Save Searches' please see the pdf document 'Public Access User Guide' available on the registration page.


Officers of the planning service will not be conducting face-to-face meetings until further notice. Officers are contactable via email and can make outgoing phone calls to any contact details provided.

Planning committee

Delegated planning decisions (the significant majority) will continue to be issued electronically, where possible. The Government has indicated that it is looking at giving Planning Authorities other methods of determining those applications that normally require referral to the council's Planning Committee.   Council will be considering all options going forward to support our communities.

Last updated: 03/04/2020 16:13:05

Register office

The impact of Coronavirus/Covid-19 on the Registration Service

As at 30th March, 2020.


The purpose of this information is to provide information on the impact of Coronavirus/Covid-19 on the following Register Office Services:

  • Births
  • Deaths
  • Marriages and Civil Partnerships
  • Citizenship
  • Copy Certificates.

On behalf of the Register Office we would like to thank customers for their patience and understanding at this challenging and past changing time.

Birth Registrations

Upon instruction from the government, it is currently not possible to register a new birth or re-register an existing birth. All birth appointments have been suspended, both at the Register Office and at the Hospital, until further notice. We will update this information when this changes.

New parents are advised that they can now make a claim for child benefit or universal credit prior the birth being registered, where they have not been able to do so because of these measures. 

New parents should contact their GP surgery to register their new baby at the practice. In the absence of a birth certificate, information provided to new parents when leaving hospital after the birth (often in the “red book”) may be accepted as evidence of the birth by the doctor’s surgery.

Still Birth Registrations

We understand the difficulties of having to register a still birth. The hospital staff and the Register Office work closely to ensure that this very difficult event is registered in the most appropriate and sensitive way. Should you be in this situation then the hospital will tell you what to do or you can ring the Register Office for advice. 

Death Registrations

A death (unless the coroner is involved) is required by law to be registered within 5 full days of death. Day 1 is the day following the death. If the coroner is involved then he will advise you of the process.

  • From Monday, 30th March death registrations are by a  pre-arranged telephone appointment with the Register Office.
  • You do not need to attend the Register Office in person. The death will be registered by a telephone interview with the Registrar.
  • The death can only be registered in the district where it occurs, we can only register a death that has occurred in Darlington.
  • The person registering the death needs to be either a spouse, child or close relative of the deceased. If that person is not available to register the death because of illness or self isolation then you should contact the register office for advice on who can register the death.
  • When making an appointment you must:
    • Telephone the Register Office on 01325 406 400 to make the appointment.
    • You do not need to collect the medical certificate cause of death from the hospital or doctors surgery. The certificate will be emailed to us ready for your telephone appointment.
    • Take the first appointment given to you as we are busier than usual at this time. If you cannot make the appointment that you are given then you must let us know as soon as possible.
    • When making the appointment you will be told what you will need to know and what to bring with you.
  • At the telephone appointment the Registrar will:
    • Ask you questions about the deceased and register the death on the telephone without you attending the Register Office.
    • Take a card payment for any death certificates that you need and post them to you. You will need your debit or credit card ready as part of the appointment.
    • Tell you about the paperwork that will be issued for the burial or cremation.
    • Advise you about the Tell us Once Service.
    • Be able to signpost you to other services you might be able to help you.

Coronavirus/Covid-19 has been designated as a naturally occurring disease meaning that if the medical certificate that the doctor completes is all correct then the coroner will not be involved in cases of Coronavirus/Covid-19. The Coroner will only be involved if the medical certificate from the doctor is not correctly completed or there are other causes of death which are not naturally occurring.

The Register Office understands the challenges following a bereavement and is here to help and advise you following a bereavement, please do not hesitate to ask.

We will update this information if any of these arrangements change. 

Marriages and Civil Partnerships

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on Monday, 23rd March:

  • No weddings will be allowed to be take place until after Monday, 13th April, 2020. If you have a wedding booked with us during this time the Register Office Staff will contact you to discuss this.
  • If you have a wedding booked with us after Monday, 13th April, 2020 and you have not already spoken to us, then you should contact the Register Office and we will help you understand your options and explain how you can reschedule the wedding if that is what you want to do.
  • It is currently not possible to have an appointment to give notice of marriage/civil partnership.

We understand the anxiety and concerns about a wedding booking that you have with us. We will update this information as decisions are made by the government and the council which affect weddings.

We would like to thank customers who have already contacted us for their patience and understand at what is a difficult time for you.

Booking and paying for a wedding

Existing Bookings for weddings

In order to reduce the number of people coming into the register office so that we can protect our staff and vulnerable customers we are reducing the services that can be done in person at the register office.

We are currently not taking bookings and payments that are for existing weddings in person at the Register Office. We will update this page if this changes.

In the meantime you can still access these services online:


You can make a payment for your wedding on the council website. When making a payment you should pay the prescribed amount only and quote a reference which includes one of your surnames and the date of your wedding which allows us to identify your booking eg. JOHNSON16012021. The payment system will provide you with a receipt.

Booking Forms. Your booking forms can either be sent by post to us or photographed/emailed to: [email protected]. Your booking is only valid once we have received both the booking form and the payment. You will receive a confirmation of booking email from us.

New Bookings

  • We are continuing to take bookings for the Statutory Marriage Room but in view of any current restrictions on weddings.
  • We are continuing to take bookings for all weddings, in approved venues and at the Register Office for 2021 and 2022.
  • We are currently not taking any new bookings for weddings in approved venues or in the Council Chamber to be held in the remainder of 2020 in order that we can meet our current obligations.

You can use the online enquiry form on our website.

Enquiries about changing your date or venue

You can ring us on 01325 406 400 or email us at [email protected].


Our next Citizenship ceremony is due to take place on Monday, 8th June, 2020 at 2pm in the Town Hall has been cancelled.  We will advise customers who have been granted British Citizenship but are waiting for their citizenship ceremony.


In order to reduce the number of people coming into the register office so that we can protect our staff and vulnerable customers we are reducing the services that can be done in person at the register office.

For the foreseeable future we are not taking applications for copy certificates in person at the Register Office. You can apply for a copy certificate online on our website. The certificate will be posted to you within 5 working days.

If you need a copy certificate urgently you can apply by telephone to the General Register Office (who will also issue the certificate, it will not come from us). The cost of this is £35.00 per certificate. If you apply by 3pm you will receive it the following day post. Their telephone number is 0300 123 1837.

If you do not have access to the internet you can apply by post to us enclosing details of the certificate you require together with a cheque or postal order for £11.00 per certificate payable to “Darlington Borough Council”. Your certificate will be posted to you within 5 working days. Our postal address is The Register Office, Town Hall, Darlington DL1 5QT.

Please do not come to the register office in person for a copy certificate, we are not offering this service for the foreseeable future.

If you have already applied and paid for a certificate and need to collect it then contact us on 01325 406 400 and we will arrange to get it to you.

Our service of posting within 5 working days may be extended up to 15 working days should the demands on our service increase.

Contacting us

The Register Office is always here to help with and clarify if needed on any issues regarding our services. We want you to be able to make informed and considered choices.

You can contact us at:

Last updated: 03/04/2020 13:25:32

Emergency contact numbers

Please visit contact us for emergency contact details.


Updated: 16 March 2020 - 7:15pm

Following the Government announcement today about the new measures being put in place to manage the Coronavirus outbreak, the council has taken the difficult decision not to open a number of its venues from Tuesday 17 March 2020 until further notice. We will continue to closely monitor and act on the latest Government advice and will re-open the venues as soon as it is safe to do so. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

The following venues will not open tomorrow (Tuesday 17 March 2020):

  • Crown Street library and Cockerton library
  • The Dolphin Centre
  • Eastbourne Sports Complex
  • Head of Steam - Darlington Railway Museum
  • Darlington Hippodrome

For customers who have paid in advance, arrangements will be made to provide refunds or credit notes - more details on how this will be done will follow.

Service specific alerts

Following the announcement of our Library closures from Tuesday 17 March 2020 until further notice please note the following guidance:

  • Please do not try to return your library books/resources; keep them safe at home until we reopen.
  • Library books/resources do not need to be renewed whilst we are closed; no fines will be applied.
  • Library phone lines will be closed until further notice.
  • Our home library delivery service will continue until further notice; however, we will not be taking on any new customers.
  • All events and activities are cancelled until further notice.

Please remember that while out libraries may be closed our eBook and eAudiobook services are always open.

With your library card and BorrowBox you can access library eBooks and eAudiobooks, without even leaving the house, online or via the Borrowbox app!

Step 1 – Log in


From the library website - - log in to BorrowBox with your 10 digit library card number (starting either B1 or F1) and your PIN number (in CAPS), which is the last 4 characters of your postcode. If your postcode was DL1 1ND your PIN would be 11ND


Download the BorrowBox app. Select Darlington Libraries and enter your 10 digit library card number (starting either B1 or F1) and your PIN number (in CAPS), which is the last 4 characters of your postcode. If your postcode was DL1 1ND your PIN would be 11ND

Step 2 – Search

Search, browse and discover our great collection 24/7.

Step 3 – Borrow

Confirm your choice or reserve a title for later.

Step 4 – Download

Download the complete eBook or eAudiobook instantly.
When reserved titles are ready to download the title will be automatically loaned to you and we'll let you know that it's ready via email.
lf you need more time to finish reading/listening, simply renew the title during your loan period.

Step 5 – Enjoy

Enjoy reading/listening to the most popular eBooks and eAudiobooks from your favourite authors everywhere you go.

School closures

Head teachers will decide if they need to close a school. The following table shows the latest information that we have relating to school closures based on information provided to us by the schools. If we have no information about your school and you are unsure if it is open please check the school’s website or contact the school. 

Click or tap below to expand



Beaumont Hill Academy No information
Bishopton Redmarshall CE Primary School No information
Borough Road Nursery School No information
Carmel College No information
Corporation Road Community Primary School No information
Federation of Abbey Schools No information
Federation of Mowden Schools No information
Firthmoor Primary No information
George Dent Nursery School No information
Gurney Pease Academy No information
Harrowgate Hill Primary School No information
Haughton Academy  No information
Heathfield Primary No information
Heighington CE Primary School No information
High Coniscliffe CE Primary No information
Holy Family RC Primary School No information
Hummersknott Academy No information
Hurworth Primary No information
Hurworth School No information
Longfield Academy of Sport No information
Marchbank Free School No information
Mount Pleasant Primary No information
Northwood Primary No information
Polam Hall No information
Red Hall Primary School No information
Reid Street Primary No information
Rise Carr College No information
Rydal Academy No information
Skerne Park Academy No information
Springfield Academy No information
St Aidan's Church of England Academy No information
St Augustine's RC Primary School No information
St Bede's RC Primary School No information
St George's Church of England Academy No information
St John's Church of England Academy No information
St Mary's Cockerton CE Primary No information
St Teresa's RC Primary School No information
West Park Academy No information
Whinfield Primary School No information
Wyvern Academy (formally Darlington School of Mathematics & Science) No information
Home & Hospital Teaching Service No information
Darlington College No information
Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College No information


Road closures and public transport

Click or tap below to expand

The A1(M) and the A66 are maintained by Highways England. Please visit the Highways England website [external link] for more information about planned and current roadworks. Real-time traffic information on Highways England-maintained roads are available at the Traffic England website [external link].

Bus services

Arriva North East on Facebook [external link].

Rail services

Please check the live departure boards [external link] to see if your journey is affected.


Rain and flooding

Visit our rain and flooding page for more information and the Met Office [external link] for weather alerts.

Community At Risk Register