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Admission arrangements


When changes are proposed to admission arrangements, all admission authorities must consult on their admission arrangements (including supplementary forms) that will apply for admission applications for the following school year at the normal point of entry. Where the admission arrangements have not changed from the previous year there is no requirement to consult subject to the requirement that admission authorities must consult on their admission arrangements at least once every 7 years, even if there have been no changes during that period.

Determined Admission Arrangements

The School Admission Regulations 2012 require admission authorities to set (‘determine’) admission arrangements annually. For entry in 2022 and for subsequent years, all admission authorities must have determined their admission arrangements by 28 February each year.

Once arrangements have been determined, any objections to them must be referred in writing to the Schools Adjudicator. For entry in 2022 objections must be referred by 15 May in the year of entry. The Schools Adjudicator can be contacted at The Office of the Schools Adjudicator, Bishopsgate House, Feethams, Darlington, DL1 5QE. You can also contact them by email at [email protected].

Once admission arrangements have been determined for a particular school year, they cannot be revised by the admission authority unless such revision is necessary to give effect to a mandatory requirement of the Code, admission law, a determination of the Adjudicator or any misprint in the admission arrangements.

Co-ordinated Scheme

Each year all local authorities must formulate and publish on their website a scheme by 1 January in the relevant determination year. The scheme must detail how the authority co-ordinates the admission arrangements for all publicly funded schools within their area.

Local Authority Report

Local Authorities must produce an annual report for all the schools in their area for which they co-ordinate admissions.