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Applying for a school place during the academic year (in-year)

The Local Authority co-ordinates the processing of in-year applications for all schools in Darlington Borough.

Families who move into the region, who require a place(s) at a Darlington school, other than at the normal point of entry, must contact the Schools Admissions Team at the Town Hall.

We will send parent/carers an in-year application form to complete. You must return this to the Schools Admissions Team for processing.

Admission authorities must notify a parent/carer within 15 school days on receipt of the application as to whether a place will be offered or not.

The admission authority will make a decision about offering a school place if the school is an academy or local authority maintained.

Should however a parent/carer request a place at a school that has no places available, then we will inform you about the appeals process.

Applications from overseas children

In most cases children arriving from overseas have the right to attend schools in England.

Nationals entering the UK who wish to apply for a state-funded school place should check that they have a right of abode or the conditions of their visa otherwise permit them to access a state-funded school.

For further information/guidance please visit the DfE website at[external link] or use the following .gov link Schools admissions: applications for overseas children [external link].

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