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Transfer of pupils between schools


Once a child has begun attending a particular primary school, it is in their interest to remain at that school until they are due to transfer to the next phase of education. The decision to change a child’s school will need extremely careful consideration and you should consider the fact that a transfer is not guaranteed to solve any problems a child may be experiencing at school. 

There are some circumstances which make it impractical for a child to continue to attend the same school, for example if you move house.


In the case of a house move or permanent exclusion, a transfer of school may be unavoidable. Factors you are asked to consider include the availability of GCSE examination subjects, changes in friendship groups and the general disruption to studies inevitably caused by change. You should also consider that a transfer is not guaranteed to solve any problems a child may be experiencing at school.


A child can only transfer to another Darlington school if places are available.

You are advised to consult staff at the child’s current school to discuss the reasons for a transfer. If you still want to transfer, you will need to complete a transfer request form (part A and B should be completed by you and part C completed by the current school) and send the completed form to us. We will then forward the form on to the transfer school. You are required to make sure that your child maintains attendance at their current school until the application for transfer is considered.

If you wish to transfer to a school which has no places, you need to still send a completed form to us. We will then offer you the right to appeal.

It is better for a transfer to take place at the end of term or a school year so as to minimise disruption to your child’s education. 

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