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Rural map for over subscription to Primary School

For schools in Darlington which have ‘Rural’ as an over subscription criteria the map below can be used to assist parents in the application process.

The interactive map and the associated list of areas [pdf document] detailed below can be used to identify the area in which you reside should you live in a rural ward.

Using your mouse hover over the area you reside in and click, this will then bring up details of the area which is covered under the over subscription criteria. To look solely at the area you are interested in un-tick the other areas listed then using the button at the top right hand side of the map click to enlarge the map area, then use the plus sign to enlarge the map area until you are able to find your locality.

The find me button at the bottom of the page will pinpoint your locality.

On slower connections the map may load without the coloured areas covering the rural areas. Un-tick and then re-tick the area check-boxes and the coloured areas will appear.

Google Map showing Rural areas grouped by school

Map Options

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