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Starting and ending a tenancy

Tenancy agreement

We've developed a tenancy agreement [pdf document] that covers the types of tenancy we offer. 

We offer the following type of tenancy:

  • introductory (a trial period for new tenants which lasts 12 months)
  • secure (lifetime)
  • flexible (tenancies for a fixed period)

When you move in, we will give you:

  • a copy of your tenancy agreement [pdf document]
  • two sets of keys or fobs (if you need a new or replacement fob please contact customer services. The charge for each fob is £10, replacements for faulty fobs are free)
  • a gas safety certificate for your home
  • an energy performance certificate. This gives you information about the energy efficiency of your home and how you can improve it.
  • useful advice leaflets

You can expect your new home to meet our Void Lettable Standard [pdf document].

You need to tell the following organisations that you have moved:

  • Gas and electric provider
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Department for work and pensions, housing benefit and council tax
  • DVLA [external link] for your driving licence
  • Elections office to update the electoral register
  • TV licensing [external site]
  • Bank
  • If you have children, inform the school they attend
  • Post office[external site] to redirect your mail

Your tenancy starts on the date shown on your tenancy agreement. This is when you become the legal tenant and responsible for paying the rent.

You can apply to take over a tenancy if you live in a council home but are not the official tenant. You can find out more information on taking over a tenancy in our tenancy agreement[pdf document] 

If you need to change your name on your tenancy then you will need to contact us. Once you have provided the original legal documents we will alter your tenancy. 

To end your tenancy you must give us 4 weeks notice. You must then provide us with a "notice of tenancy termination"[word document] in writing. Your notice period will not start until we have confirmation using the attached form.

For more information about:

  • ending a tenancy as a joint tenant
  • withdrawing your notice
  • leaving the property
  • when will rent be charged until

Please visit our renting a garage website to see information about ending a garage tenancy.

If you move to a new council house we will assess your previous property for a decoration allowance. We will give this to the new tenant, and deduct any awarded allowances to your new property.

If you owe us rent arrears or other money such as rechargeable repairs you must still repay this debt.

If you do not respond or keep to your payment plan we will use a range of methods to retrieve payment. This can include court action and you can avoid this by making a payment.

If you have improved your property you may be eligible for compensation. You must have obtained written permission after 1st April 1994. If you wish to make a claim complete the compensation for tenant improvement scheme form[pdf document].

Claims must be made between 28 days before and 14 days after your tenancy ending. We may charge you for any unauthorised or unsatisfactory work that we have to put right.

How to contact us

There are several ways you can contact us:

Any emergency repairs can be reported to 01325 405333 24/7 365 days a year.

What if I am not satisfied with the response?

We hope that we can work together with our residents and listen to their voices and resolve any problems, but if you are unhappy with the response from the Housing team we have a complaints procedure you can follow and you can contact our Complaints Team by:

Install our web app.