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Nuisance and anti-social behaviour

If you have recently reported Anti-Social Behaviour please complete this survey [external link] to tell us how your complaint was handled.

Our expectations

We expect our tenants and their families to be considerate towards their neighbours.

This helps to create caring and happy communities.

As a Council tenant you are responsible for the behaviour of people living in and visiting your home.

You are responsible for them both at your address and in the locality of it.

You are also responsible for your pets. Your tenancy could be at risk if these conditions are broken.

Resolving anti-social behaviour

We can help to resolve problems of anti-social behaviour.

The level of action we can take depends on how severe the problem is. Where it is possible and safe to do so, it is always better to try to resolve these situations yourself.

If appropriate and safe, you should speak to whoever is causing you the problem.

They may not be aware that they are disturbing you and a compromise may be able to be reached.

If the person is unreasonable, leave the discussion.

Reporting anti-social behaviour

  Report anti-social behaviour  

If talking to the person causing the problem does not help, contact us on 01325 405333.

We will contact you within fifteen working days to discuss the issue and tell you what action we can take, if any.

You should contact the police to report incidents of criminal behaviour.

Call the non-emergency police number on 101 or 999 for emergencies.

We may need to share the information you give us with other organisations such as the police.

We have a duty to report certain incidents to other organisations. We may need to do this without your consent.

Restorative Hub

We use The Restorative Hub [external link] as our mediation service.

We use mediation in cases of low-level crime, anti-social behaviour and neighbour disputes.

Once we have received the approval of both sides a meeting will be arranged.

All meetings are private and confidential. Please speak to a member of Housing Services for more information.

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