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Andrew Goodfellow

Andy has been a swimming instructor at the Dolphin Centre for three years and before that he was a lifeguard. He'd previously worked as a college teacher and Duke of Edinburgh Award instructor.

He said: "Being a swimming teacher is the best job I have ever had. I used to be a competitive swimmer so understand how good swimming strokes should look and how to correct them. The kids are really funny and I like making them laugh while they are learning so I have a great time. It’s all about making the lessons enjoyable for everyone.

"When Covid-19 hit, swimming lessons stopped and I was given the opportunity to join Street Scene to put the new recycling stickers on everyone’s bins. The stickers show what can and can’t be recycled. I was happy to do my bit to help out. I follow the wagons on their rounds and get as many stickers on bins as I can on each collection day. I have been getting a really positive reaction from people and lots of friendly comments. People are interested and want to know what I am doing. I also see lots of families who I know from swimming lessons and it’s nice to say hello as we haven’t seen each other for so long.

I can’t wait to get back to swimming lessons as soon as it is safe to do so but I am happy helping the community and doing my bit in these uncertain times."



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