Our #50Faces series will introduce you to some of the council's unsung heroes. We'll meet people doing all kinds of jobs, who each make a difference in their own way. 

1. Trisha English

A fantastic lollipop lady who works hard to keep the roads safe...

Trisha has become part of the scenery at her spot on busy Brinkburn Road; plenty of passers-by stop for a chat even if they aren't crossing the road.

She first became a crossing patrol officer - or lollipop lady as she prefers to be called - when her own children were young.

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2&3. Suzy Hill & Laura Pattinson

Familiar faces for library users of all ages...

Suzy joined the library team back in 2008 and Laura joined her in 2017.

Between them, they put on sessions and events for families, to try and encourage reading and book borrowing.

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4. Sarah-Jayne Sams

Teaching Darlington's youngsters to swim...

Sarah-Jayne has been a swimming instructor for more than 20 years and says she finds it very rewarding.

Her goal is for no one to feel in danger in the water.

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