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Big Garden Bird Watch 2022

It has been a tough time for birds lately because of many factors including climate change. But you can help them! Knowing what’s going on with wild birds is key information for us to help them. The Big Garden Birdwatch is happening this month, from 28-30 January. You can sign up now for the event. The event enables the RSPB to get a thorough look at what bird species are currently in the UK and see how their numbers are doing. Sometimes numbers fluctuate due to the weather and temperatures, which can help us understand how climate change is affecting bird numbers.

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How to attract birds to your garden

Different foods will attract different birds, so the more variety of food you put out the more likely you are to see a range of birds to your garden. Here is a list of some garden birds and what they like to eat, and their eating habits (i.e., if they feed off the ground or like bird feeders):

Blackbirds:  like suet and mealworms and mainly feed on the ground but will eat other bird foods such as seed.

Blue tits and great tits: will use a feeder and enjoy seed, suet, and peanuts.

Finches such as chaffinches, and greenfinches: like to use a feeder or table, and particularly enjoy sunflower hearts.

When putting food out for birds, make sure it is a quiet place that is safe and not too close to bushes and walls where cats can get at them. A sheltered area helps too, for when there is bad weather. There are many types of feeders, including ones that stick to your window, ideal for those who don’t have access to a garden.

Birds also need water, so ensure you provide some for them. Ensure to clean water regularly. An old plate or plant pot saucer can work well. Pour warm water on baths if they freeze, as birds need water all year round.

You could even get creative and make your own energy rich fat balls. Just mix kitchen scraps like cheese, cake crumbs and dry porridge oats with melted lard or suet and let it set in the fridge overnight. At this time of year, high fat feeds are great for birds, so making your own fatty feast is great for garden birds and enables them to maintain their fat reserves for those cold nights.

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