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World Environment Day

World Environment Day is held every year on 5 June and this year will be its 50th anniversary.

This year’s theme is on solutions to plastic pollution.  Did you know, more than 400 million tonnes of plastic will be produced this year and half of it is likely to be used just once. It is estimated that almost 25 million tonnes will end up in lakes, rivers and seas.

And we now know that, as plastic breaks down, tiny particles find their way into our food and water and into the air we breathe.

What can we do to reduce single use plastic?

Look for alternatives to plastic packaging

  • Acorn Dairy is one of our local dairies providing a home delivery using glass, returnable bottles in one pint.
  • Some deli counters in supermarkets will let you take your own pots to be filled and refilled
  • Take your own reusable shopping bags instead of taking plastic bags each time you go shopping (it works out cheaper in the end too if you’re in the supermarket, at 10p a time)
  • If you get home delivery, tick the no-bag option
  • You can get mesh bags to put loose fruit and veg in at the supermarket
  • Use a reusable cup for take away drinks and a reusable water bottle
  • Try a refill shop for cleaning solutions, laundry detergent, hand wash and body wash. Earth Warriors on Skinnergate carries a good selection as well as bar shampoo and conditioner.
  • Check out our Zero Waste Map for other ideas

Recycle as much as possible

Supermarkets will take bread wrappers and the thin plastic envelopes that magazines come in, where they take carrier bags.

Check out what can go in your recycling bin

And for other items, look at the recycling locator:

Finally, did you know there is plastic is in chewing gum? Most chewing gums contain the same plastic that is in glue, plastic bags and bottles – it’s listed in the ingredients as gum base and is what makes gum chewy. That means that chewing gum is not biodegradable and it’ll stick around (pardon the pun) for a long time. There are alternatives, so if you’re a lover of gum, why not look for those?

Picture of waste plastic

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