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Earth Day birthday

My birthday falls on Earth Day – which is the 22nd of April. This wasn’t a huge surprise to me when I found out because I’ve always been quite passionate about the environment and spending time in nature. One of my favourite things to do in my free time is walk with my dog to explore local wild spots.

There are a few things I do to minimise my impact on the Earth:

  • I am one of the council’s Climate Champions, helping my team be more sustainable
  • I try to walk or use public transport rather than driving whenever it’s practical (and affordable)
  • I put on a jumper before I turn on the heating
  • I grow a lot of my own vegetables – with varying levels of success. Last year I was completely inundated with courgettes and beans, but I have never had much success with cauliflower

I know growing a veg plot to this extent isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – but I started out with a few herbs on the windowsill which saved me a bit of money. I’ve just expanded from there!

For more information on Earth Day, visit EARTHDAY.ORG

Picture of raised beds

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